Friday, February 19, 2016

Emma: 2 years + 6 months

Here's what happens, just 3 decent photos, when Emma isn't in the mood for photos. She took off her shoes and monkey around. She was probably overstimulated by her morning trial gym class. She was also obviously very nap deprived as she couldn't get herself to sleep without her thumb.

I'm back on trying to stop her thumb biting and dabbed chili padi once again! We had been pasting plasters at her thumb before she go to bed at night (She's probably the best ambassador for hansaplast as she uses plenty of them daily). It worked for a while but then she started to remove them in the middle of the night to suck/bite.

Having tasted the spicy chopped chili padi and cried like mad, the unchopped chili- dabbed plasters are now working great to stop her from removing her plasters at night. Hopefully she will outgrown the fear of chili next time!

At 28 months, Emma is growing so fast that I find it hard to catch up. She growing, eating, sleeping and playing well.

She is definitely acting like a big girl. She imitated her teachers when she was back at home. She sat her soft toys facing her and started to read a story book to them. Then, she stood up suddenly, asked some of them not to push each other and praised a couple of others. I could totally imagine how these happened in her class.

She also picked up a new hobby - photography! Now that she is tall enough, she keeps stealing our phone from the table to take photos. Thus, we finally decided to dig out our old olympus camera and let her play with it. She is quite good at this and even managed to take photos of the family. It really funny to see how to angle the camera, direct and command to get some shots. I should find one day to showcase some of her photos.

She is getting better at drawing and recently like to draw some ugly smiley faces. I managed to figure out the eyes, noses and mouth anyhow. She also enjoy cutting and could easily spend 20 mins to cut papers.

Emma made a small breakthrough by using the adult towel bowl. She was very used to the mini towel bowls in the school that she doesn't want to use the big ones. She finally asked to use the big ones after she saw her 2 cousins using them during the CNY visitings. That's the power of peer pressure in kids!

I believe her teachers had prepared her well for the Chinese New Year. She learnt how to sing some CNY songs - "gong xi gong xi" and "cai shen dao" (which we don't know where she learnt it from, I doubt the school teaches this song, haha)

She celebrated her third Chinese New Year and attended 2 other weddings - Thomas' cousin's and my colleague, Grace! Along with some other parents bloggers, Emma and I also had the privilege to meet with Senior Minister Josephine Teo to chat about marriage and parenthood.

We also celebrated our 6th year wedding anniversary and 10th year dating anniversary back at Fullerton. It was a simple lunch out as it was over the weekends before CNY.  

There's so much happening (and more to come) at work and home these days and my body haven't been very well. Meanwhile, I'm just praying for more strength, good health, faith, courage and wisdom to pull through the days.

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