Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Twinning in Camouflage Kids Outfits

Happy & Blessed Chinese New Year! Our family wishes you all a joyful and faithful year ahead.

I shared about how I match our family outfits in my previous post and here's another one! 

We wore our first mother-daughter twinning outfit to visiting on CNY Day 2. I think we look pretty cute in those as we received lots of compliments. Haha. I personally love how Emma looks in the mini Celine Lace white top as she looks like a small adult.

It's great that Camouflage Kids brings in mini version of the adult smart casual outfits instead of having just the commonly seen T-shirts. I'm certainly going to get a couple more sets soon!

These days, Emma is getting quite good at imitation when she is in the mood for it. For this short series, she totally surprised us and nailed them all! 

I'm super loving how to twist and angle her legs here though I wasn't even ready for this shot. I hope she will continue to be such a little fashionista!

Chinese New Year is coming to an end but I know that there is no stopping to shopping. 

Go check out more of the Mother-Daughter, Father-Son and Family sets over at Camouflage Kids retail shops or website. Don't forget to use the 10% off your first online purchase!

I'm sure it will be fun dressing up the whole family! 

Happy Shopping!

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