Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fun books from Once Upon A Bookstore!

Children are made readers on the lap of their parents - Emilie Buchwald

If I got to list down the things that Emma does every day, that would include books reading.

We read together at our free time, read while she takes her milk or fruits and read to her soft toys. When we are busy, she would sometimes read them by herself too. She doesn't exactly know how to read yet, but she loves the illustrations, colours and characters. She'd even memorised many phrases & sentences of the books by heart. 

It's great that she enjoys reading as it helps to stimulate her brains, improve her languages and make her happy. Besides, it's also my favourite (relaxing) family bonding activity after a long day at work.

While we speak a mix of Mandarin & English at home, we can't really read Chinese well. Emma's books collection is filled with many English books and just 3 Chinese books. Hence, I was so happy to receive some Chinese books from Once Upon A Bookstore for review.

1. 噼里啪啦迷你立体玩具书 (6册) (Emma's favourite! & best seller)

Emma can't wait to check out the mini colourful 3D pop-up books! She always dives for the pinkish ones!

This set of 6 interactive and colourful mini pop-up books by Japanese author Warabe Kimika, is filled with so much surprises. 

The books come nicely packed in a box, which makes this a popular gift option. They are also great for stashing into the diaper bag to keep your little ones entertained on the go. In fact, we actually waited for a few weeks for the restock. So, grab it before they go out of stock again. 

We had some flaps books, but the pop-ups make it far more interesting. Emma had fun with the pop-ups, flaps and pull-out tabs as she explored the various topics ranging from little bugs to vehicles to animals! 

2. 宝贝,知道我有多爱你 (Mummy's favourite)



This book expresses parental love using creative illustrations, examples and theme. I've never said as much "我爱你" to Emma in such a short span and I'm very sure Emma knows it deeply.

The next day, she picked up the book and read by herself. It was such a surprise to hear her reading out loud "我爱你" with some random words as she flipped each page.

Shower your little ones with more love with this book! It's such a lovely book for parents and children to read together! 

3. 小可爱触摸书-美人鱼抓迷藏

This mermaid and sea theme is really attractive and I love the hide-and-seek story. There're also textured flaps to make it more exciting! We didn't have any touch and feel book so it's interesting to see how natural it was for Emma to feel/scratch the book. 

However, I've still need to check out how to read some of the Chinese words (what's stingray in Chinese?, haha). It's really time to brush up my Chinese. 

There are also other cute titles with fire man, dinosaurs and fairy theme. 

4. 公鸡的新邻居

This is the first book I read to Emma as the title makes me curious and wonder who is the new neighbour. I enjoy the little humor in it and some of the phrases like 等阿,等阿,等阿 actually tickled Emma.

It has detailed illustration to almost each sentence so it's simple for the little ones to visualise even though there are much more words.

5. 在我的小小心中

I've been on a little emotional roller coaster these days so this book about emotions seems perfect for me! 

To be honest, I haven't finish this book as Emma kept snatching it from me. She loves the die-cut rainbow heart! 

I thought it's also a nice book to teach Emma about different type of emotions we will face in life and how we can praise God and turn to him for comfort/help.

"The end!" and that's what Emma would say after she finishes and closes her book. 

Hope you have enjoyed our sharing on these fun and engaging Chinese books!

There are many good English books but it isn't easy to get good Chinese ones around. Hence, I'm glad that Once Upon A Bookstore is passionate about curating fun and engaging yet affordable Chinese books for our little ones. 

Many times, the lady boss, who is a mother of 3 young children, had to hunt for the translates of great English books just to bring in quality read. They have the popular Eric Carle and Bill Martin Jr's Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see and Hungry Caterpillar in Chinese! 

I'm sure you'll be amazed by their exciting collection just like I did. The books are categorised according to age groups and types on their website to help books shopping easier. 

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Hop over to their website, instagram and facebook to check out more fun Chinese books!

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