Thursday, June 16, 2016

AVIVA Superfundae 2016 @ Gardens by the Bay

Weekday evenings are short and usually spent at home doing light activities like drawing, crafting, role play with soft toys and reading. So, it's always nice to head out for outdoor fun on the weekends.

When I read about AVIVA Superfunade, I knew that we can't miss the unique outdoor fun.

AVIVA Superfunade is one-of-a-kind fun carnival where the family gets to indulge in some unique, quirky and all out fantastic all-day free play. Also, expect mega candy cannon, outdoor movie screening and yummy food from Pasarbella. Sounded too good to be true and we just had to check it out.


Upon registration, we received a goodies bag, that comes with a child ticket, for Emma. Daddy and I received lucky draw tickets and games card. The registration was swift at around 4+ pm.

Goodies Bag

The goodies bag includes umbrella, snacks (chips, gummy and milk), skin products, wet wipes and more. Picnic mat (not pictured here) could also be collected at the information counter.

It drizzled lightly for a brief moment and the umbrella came handy. :)

Event Space

The carnival was held at the Meadows, Gardens by the Bay. A stage was set up right in the middle, surrounded by all the activities booths.

There was a big open space for picnic and outdoor movie. Many families had set up their mat and were enjoying some picnic while their family played around.

Besides bumping into one of the two winners for the instagram giveaway, we also met a fellow mummy instagrammer (@zee_league) and her family. They came well prepared with picnic basket and stuff! We should try that the next round!

Games & Activities

There are more than 30 curated games and activities for all age groups across the open play space. These games showcase three main play elements - connective play, active play and creative play. 

Surprisingly, there are quite a number of activities for Emma who is under 3 years old. I love that there is no stress in winning the game and the little ones get to enjoy the game even though they (Emma) was last in place. Through these age-appropriate activities, I could see she had some boost in her confidence and courage. 

After completing the games, the children get stamps which they can later use them to redeem for mini toys.

Daddy Mommy Piggy Back / Double Daddy Dash

Who can resist the cute (Perhaps sweaty) teddy bear?

Emma can't! And Mummy had to throw image aside and do this dash with Emma. I only realised it was supposed to be a piggy back instead of teddy bear hug while editing the photos. Haha.

What a thrill for Emma!

Her big smiles totally worth all my effort!

Milk Dash

Emma "dashed" 50m with a cup of milk in her hands! 

No prize for guessing what's the reward for not spilling the cup, she got to drink the yummy strawberry milk! 

I made her went the 2nd round so that I get a drink too!

Treasure Boat

We folded paper boat and hit the water boat course!

Our water baby loves it.

It's amazing how simple games like this could engage them!

Jump & Grab

The little ones had to jump and grab some fruits!

Emma surely can't jump high enough so Daddy helped her.

Squiggly Car Challenge

Emma saw this squiggly car and asked to play it! Children between 2 and 6 years can hop on the squiggly car. So, twisted, turned and off she went!

For the start, she fell twice with safe landing thanks to her leggings. However, she didn't give up and gave a surprise twist when she finally got the hang of riding. Good job, Emma!

Kaboodle Play

The Kaboodle play area was restricted to children with socks so we just watched her by the side.

We were impressed at how quickly she figured out the games after observing how other children played.

Ninja Quest

This Ninja Quest, a bouncing slide with mini plunge pool at the bottom of the slide, looked so exciting!

Cray Cray Spray

We had a backup clothes in the car but the not super adventurous us decided to skip the super fun wet games.

Monkeys & Bananas

The little children got a chance to monkey around. They had to transport their bananas across narrow balancing beam and rope crossings to reach their home!


Emma also played the bouncing castle, hit the photobooth and ate free ice creams.

There were also many more games that we didn't had a stand to check out due to muddy grass. Some courageous families went ahead to dip their shoes in muds and conquer the games.

Play, Earn & Redeem

Here's where children get to collect mini toys! Emma got a little pony figurine.

Stage Performances & Games

While we played, there were many performances and games up on the stage. 

Remember about the mega candy cannon that I talked about at the start. Here's lots Haribo gummy bears in the air for everything to catch! How fun!

Emma joined in the fun to pick up the gummy bears too!


What a carnival without yummy food? Pasarbella was there too!

We had wraps to settle our dinner.

King Fu Panda 3

AVIVA Superfunade ended off with an outdoor movie screening on a high note. I'm sure the children enjoyed Kungfu Panda 3!

We'd fun running silly around from booth to booth, challenging ourselves (Emma) and making amazing memories! Thank you AVIVA for such well organized family centric event and having us over! 

Till the next AVIVA Superfunade!

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