Monday, June 20, 2016

Emma: 2 years + 10 months

It has been a month of growing independence!

Emma has been sleeping in her big girl's bed for coming to a month and she had succeeded without falling off the single bed/guard rail! However, it has been slightly more challenging to put her to bed as she would always find reasons to get off the bed/room. I had more trouble with "I want to urine!", "I want to say goodnight to papa!", "I want bear bear." when I accompanied her than her strict Daddy. 

For the first few weeks, we received some surprise visit in the middle of the night and had to bring her back to her bed to sleep. It was better these few day and she didn't wake up looking for us as we (I) kept reminding her not to. Wish she keeps it this way!


"I don't need diaper, I'm a big girl!"

Emma's day time potty training is progressing well and she is already off diaper at school. However, we still made her wear one especially in the morning/evening when Daddy picked her up alone in the car. She has advanced to resisting diapers in the night even though she is not ready yet. She is slowly overcoming her fear to poo in the toilet bowl and potty and still needs lots of encouragement to do her big business.

Besides trying to do almost everything by herself, she also loves to role play as teacher. It's funny to watch how she talk and act as it looked exactly like how we imagined it would be in school. We didn't spend alot of time teaching her these days as she picked up things faster than I could prepare the "lessons". Thus, we just teach her using every day happenings, sing and talk alot to her.

The school celebrated parents' day in early June with performance and games. Emma performed two songs - Daddy, mummy I love you and "wei wei by yao pa". She was less shy, sang well and did more actions than her first performance last Christmas. She has indeed grown so much at the playgroup over the last 6 months!

We had been out for quite a bit these days and Emma got to eat out a little more. While I'm not taking it as an excuse to stop cooking for her, I'm happy than she is accepting outside food better! Soup, fruits and milk remains her favourite. 

We'd lots of fun last month! We watched the Angry Bird Movie & Barney show and played at Pororo Park & Superfunade! We also had the honor to meet with Mr Seah Kian Peng, CEO of Fairprice and MP of Marine Parade GRC. 

In addition, we also had a short church retreat at Aloha Loyang. She swam thrice in 2 days and that explained why I'm 2 shades darker now! We also had our first family cycling and it was awesome! Fathers' day dinner with my family was a week earlier and the meal at Tung Lok Signature was a feast! The grandpa enjoyed a lot.

Following Emma's room revamp and study table DIY, we're going to update our master bedroom in the coming weeks!

Give me more creative juice, please!

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