Wednesday, June 29, 2016

IKEA: Master bedroom Makeover - Grey, White & Minimalist


Once a upon a time, we had a pretty decent sleeping chamber. Everything was sparkling white, clean, plain classy and very much in order when we first moved in 5 years ago.


Today, our collections of stuff, mainly clothes and linens, grew while my dressing table shrank to a small makeup corner.

Before we realised, we were out of storage and clutter started creeping in slowly. Even after some packing, the drawers top still looked quite a mess. On some terrible days, I even had trouble finding a space to place new shopping buys at my side's drawer's top.


Following Emma's room revamp, I was determined to refurnish our masterbed room to be more pleasant and restful. We stayed true to our minimalist style and kept the clean lines & functionality that we always love.

Storage Solution

To create more storage, we replaced our old 3-drawers chests with MALM 6-drawers chests, and cleared some old and unused stuff. I know it wasn't the most ideal to have high bedside "tables" but Hubby values practicality over anything else. Chest of 6 drawers are perfect storage for our folded clothes and other random stuff so we went ahead to get the white ones to match our bed.


If you haven't noticed, I'm a big fan of frames and photos. So, it didn't take long for me to get a canvas photo to fill up the wall space, add more love and balance the "towering side tables". 

For the canvas photo, I chose a light coloured wedding shot. Our first wedding frame was a romantic night portrait that goes better with white wall instead of a grey one so it went up to the wall at the walkway. I'm so excited to finally have one in our room after years!

Hubby cleared his drawer top and dedicated the top small drawer as the place where he unloads all his belongings like wallet, keys and name cards. Yay, no more mess now! To accessorise, I added some frames and black tissue box to go along with his awards.

Makeup Corner

Then what goes on to my drawers top? 

I got myself a big table mirror, a photo frame and ORDNING kitchen utensil rack for my cosy makeup corner. I love this mirror as it has a small tray attached to the bottom for me to keep those products that I used daily. And, it's just $19.90 - really affordable! The hair dryer used to take up quite a fair bit of space so I figured out a holder to keep it up straight would save space and the utensil rack works well! 

I'm comforted by lots of IG sweet mummies who commented that they share the same fate of reducing "makeup workspace". I'm sure we have more toys than beauty products!

Anyhow, I just need a nice photo to perk me up on tired and unglamorous days.

Quick tips to keep master bedroom tidy and organised

Here's what works for us after solving our storage problem!

1. Always make the bed - your room will be 50% neater!
2. Keep the bedside furniture clear from clutter
3. Allocate storage space for everything - note commonly neglected items like personal belongings
4. Always put away clean/worn clothings
5. Keep non-master bedroom stuff away

"Less is more" for us, what about you? 

This is my 2nd post for IKEA blogger program 2016. All photos and ideas are my own.

* A helpful reader shared about the possibility risk of tipping drawers so it'd be best to secure the MALM chest of drawers with the hooks provided. We are unable to do that as there is a thick aircon trunking in between the drawers and wall. We had to customise our bedframe just so that there isn't any gaps. So, we will continue our strict enforcement of "no playing with drawers" and climbing around the house. We also educated her of the possibility of tipping furniture. Anyway, Emma isn't even allowed to stand on the sofa, bed and stool/children's chair (when unsupervised)! 


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  1. I was going to mention about the recent recall of the MALM drawers from IKEA too. But honestly I'd say please use common sense and not allow toddlers to climb on them. I have one in my bedroom too and it's one of the best piece of furniture. Really like the clean and uncluttered look. The holder for your hair dryer is such a clever idea too.

    1. Thanks Susan! You are so kind!

      I agree about looking after the children and educating them about risk. Including punishment as well if Emma climbs any of the furniture. Thanks to her strict Daddy! Anyway, still got to be mindful about the risk.