Monday, October 3, 2016

Emma's swimming journey with Little Swim School


A little progress each time adds up to big results! 

I could still remember how excited Emma was when she first started her swim lesson. She enjoys being in the water but I'm very sure attending a swim lesson is nothing like she'd imagined. 

There were new faces, deep pool, pool activities and water toys. It was a totally new experience. She had clinged on me like Koala bear (she still does at times), didn't have any courage to plunge and had to dip slowly. However, the heated pool, encouraging coaches and mummy/daddy quickly eased her so she managed to participate in most of the activities. 

10 weeks on, she plunges happily, able to hold her breathe and swim across short distance underwater, and learnt to submerge herself (with goggles on) into the pool to pick up toys.

It's still a long way to go for her to swim independently but I'm thankful she's learning and progressing well.

Earlier on I shared about 8 things I love about the Little Swim School and today, I'm going deeper into what actually happened during the swim class.

Come check out Emma's swim class!

Emma attends weekly Baby Swimming Class at Westway (27 West Coast Highway). The class is specially catered for infants and toddlers from 6 months to 42 months old. So far, the class size is 4-6 toddlers and her swim mates are pretty close to her age. Among many benefits of swimming, the class has been fun, enriching and challenging enough.

For each 30- mins swim lesson, there are about 5-8 varied activities, involving items like water toys, slides, boards and mats to make learning more fun. The activities focus on the following 6 skills:

1. Water Acquaintance

By now, Emma is pretty much comfortable with the pool. Unlike when she first start out, she now plunges forcefully and participate in all the activities well. 

The heated pool really makes a great deal of difference to ease her. We went to a friend's place for swim one late afternoon and the water was so cold and 'threatening' as it was about to drizzle.

2. Breath Control

When asked to, Emma is able to not breathe and submerge in the water. Once a while, she got in little water and just coughed it out. There still lots to learn about breath control - when to breathe, when not breathe and breathe recovery. 

Emma have fun walking over a 'bridge' and then plunged down. 

I find plunges very fun and useful to teach breath control as she needs to prepare herself to hold her breath when she reaches the water. Having said that, there are most activities help to teach breath control.

3. Propelling Strength

After watching how her church friends swam, Emma started kicking even before attending any swim lesson. Now, she is kicking even harder and is learning how to generate propelling force. 

She still needs to practise more on hand padding. 

4. Free Floatation

Coach Jin uses many tools like swimming board and mats to teach them how to stay afloat independently with minimal aids. It isn't the easiest things to relax above the water, hopefully she can master it someday soon!

5. Water Submersion

Now that Emma is more comfortable with water (especially with her google on), she is able to do quick submersion to pick up toys. She still needs lot of encouragement but she did it (at her own will)!

The toys are great motivation for the children to try submersion. She was so thrilled to pick up a jellyfish!

6. Water Autonomy

Oh well, I said Emma has been swimming but it's more of a glide over short distances and then pulling herself up for air with support. She still fuss a bit right before dipping it but when she's always felt achieved when she got up.    

That's all about the swim lesson for now! Do check out my instagram for more swim videos!


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