Monday, October 10, 2016

Esplanade Octoburst! 2016: Little Red Riding Hood

Last weekends, Esplanade celebrated Children's Day with another happening Octoburst! Tons of free and ticket programmes were lined up for families. It's all over now but you might like to check them out next year (hope they run it again!).

We didn't make it to all the programmes but managed to catch a funny and imaginative "Little Red Riding Hood" theatre show and watched big ants march.

We retraced Little Red Riding Hood's path in the woods with the two humorous casts as they played a game of "what-if" and pretend!  They ran and chased each other like little children, switching between roles and told the story in a captivating way.

The show was really light-hearted and imaginative, with children bursting into laughters from time to time. Even though they didn't have big backdrops, fanciful props and colourful costumes, they successfully related the story to both big and small children in a fun and creative way.

To be honest, I'm pretty new to theatre show but I'm slowly appreciating the value of live and emotions-filled performance. It brought me back to my childhood as I relived how I'd played pretend play with my brother and cousins. Those good old days when we didn't stick to screens, books and classes, but just free play.

While Emma might not have followed very closely when they switched roles, she had a great laugh! I think this show really keeps her thinking who's who. At the end of the 55-mins show, Emma concluded that Carlotta Zini, the female lead, is the Little Red Riding Hood and asked for a photo with her.

On the other hand, she's convinced that the big bad wolf is the male lead, Bruno Cappagli, and was reluctant to take photo with him.

They have surely put up a great performance! Thank you Esplanade for inviting us over!

When we were there, I also learnt about PIP's Club. 

It's a free club for children and opportunity for them to experience and explore the arts from young! And PIP is a colourful bubbly character who is Playful, Imaginative and Polite.

Through PIP's Club, Esplanade wish to provide fun learning opportunities while allowing children to be playful, imaginative and polite, just like PIP. So what are some benefits of PIP's Club?

What's in it for your and the little ones as part of PIP's Club?
- A one-of-a-kind offering for children to experience and explore the arts from young
- A chance for parents to help their child develop artistic capabilities and appreciation
- Priority booking for selected parent-child workshops
- Exclusive invitations to selected PIP's PLAYbox events and activities
- Special bi-monthly newsletters so you're first to know what's up next

Sounds pretty cool right? I've just signed up through their website. More on Esplanade's website if you're interested!

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