Thursday, October 13, 2016

Exude your inner beauty with ASTALIFT's new beauty innovations!

It's surely every woman's dream to have beautiful supple skin with translucent flow and free from age spots.

I'm no exception.

Recently, I get to know about ASTALIFT, an award-winning brand by FUJIFILM, at a roadshow. Among the wide array of products, I felt in love with its Collagen drinks. Each dose of collagen drink is extracted from low-molecular marine collagen - premium grade, high quality, pure and fat-free. Just what I need to keep my skin firm and supple.

As you might have known, collagen provides firmness and elasticity to our body's structure. It's found in our bones, our joints and is also a major component of our skin. Sad to say, our collagen production decreases as we age and results in wrinkled skin and weaker joints. So, collagen basically helps to keep our joints, bones and skin strong and healthy. 

Then, I was stoked to learn more about something as awesome as the collagen drinks at the Astalift product launch. They sound too good not to be shared.

FUJIFILIM has just launched 3 new and improved additions to the ASTALIFT skincare series:

ASTALIFT Moist Lotion
ASTALIFT White Essence Inflit
ASTALIFT White Shield Supplement

Infused with nano-size ingredient formulated to achieve epitome beauty and whitening, these gems help to achieve inside-out photogenic beauty.

1. ASTALIFT Moist Lotion

$64 (130ml) & $57 (130ml refill)

It is more than a regular lotion/toner, the Moist Lotion has the added ability to penetrate deep into the skin with its small molecules, reaching to all corners of the skin. It can also remove damaged cells and renew collagen cells at the same time. With so much benefits in 1 step, I had just to replace my old toner with this Moist Lotion!

It consists of a composite ingredient "CL Refreser (R)" that is capable of rebuilding the skin with new high-density collagen while clearing damaged collagen built up under the skin due to aging and UV rays. It moisturizes all corners of the skin, leaving the skin hydrated without any sense of stickiness.

And a plus point - The lotion bottle comes with a removable pump head for easy replacement of the refill. It's definitely more eco-friendly!

2. ASTALIFT White Essence Inflit
- $115 (30 ml) and $108 (30 ml refill)

Astalift White Essence Inflit helps to bring bounciness, firmness and clear translucency to the skin!

Deriving its name from the word "infiltration", this new whitening beauty essence reaches all corners and provides a refreshing texture! It suppresses excessive melanin product and enhancing melanin breakdown to combat spots and freckles, and prevent dullness over the face.

Owing to these high clarity ingredients: Nano Lycopene, Nano Vitamin E, Nano AMA, "Human type nano acyl ceramide" and Glycyrrhetic Acid, this product is able to create translucent skin with a healthy glow and firmness.

Best of all, it contains of FUJIFILM's latest power beauty ingredient - Nano Oryzanol. The combination of Nano AMA and Nano Olyzanol actually boosts the beauty effect by 10-fold. How powerful!

3. ASTALIFT White Shield Supplement

- $63 for 60 capsules

Astalift White Shield Supplement promotes effective beauty care from the inside of the body. It contains low molecular pure collagen that stimulates the secretion of growth hormone, a natural beauty essence, to enhance skin elasticity and moisturizing.

Daily intakes will address age spots and skin dullness for women in a wide range of age groups who experience "incidental sunburn" despite the use of sunscreen.

Each capsule contains generous amounts of anti-oxidant ingredients to keep spots and freckles away over the long-term. It also contains Niacin, an effective melanin diffuser and Vitamin C, a crucial ingredient for beautiful skin.

Many sweet friends have generously complimented that my skin is pretty clear and well maintained. And, I thank God for blessing me with some good genes and make up!

However, I do find my skin getting less firm and more dull with aging as I lack of discipline with my basic beauty regime. In addition, a couple of light spots appeared near my left eye over the last year. The right eye is miraculously spared as it's protected from the rays by my fringe.

Oh well, I better be more hardworking to fight aging and spots before they get worse!


Where to get them?

ASTALIFT's Wisma Atria store
BHG Bishan

Disclaimer: I was invited to the product launch and received a set of the products. But, the reviews are based on my personal views.

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