Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Emma: 3 years + 9 months

It has been 9 months since I last wrote about Emma's growth and progress. Emma has been doing really well and I pray that she will continue this way!

3 years old - 3 years 8 months old

She has such an "easy" age now and I know we are going to miss it while caring for another newborn. At 3 years and 9 months, she's getting much more independent. She was off diapers soon after she turned 3 years old and there wasn't much accidents since then. Just today, she ditched her potty and went straight to the toilet by herself.

She understands what we say and expresses her thoughts well. These days, she shares with us the happenings and learnings in school. Sometimes, she impressed us by reciting poems she learnt from her teachers. She's getting better at obeying instructions, but sometimes, it takes around more than a few repeats before she decide to follow. She's a sweet girl who often say "Mummy, I love you", "Daddy, I miss you" and loves to cuddle.

She's getting really active and loves to move about. Her latest obsession is ballet and she often tries to imitates ballerina's moves. She still loves the playground and had moved on to socialising/playing with other children. Among all, she loves to play with other children.

She loves heading out but when she home, she enjoys playing with play-doh, legos, role-play, drawing, coloring and reading.

It used to be quite a challenge to feed Emma as she was pretty picky about food. Over the past month, she has learnt to eat so much better and independently. From time to time, she would reject high chair as she thought she's a big sister already. She finally found out the beauty of chocolate and sweets. Indulging in them once a while when she's well is fine but we are still controlling her intake pretty strictly.

She still loves her milk and is on Friso Stage 4. She would take 2 bottles - once in the morning and one before bed on weekdays. On weekends, she sometimes asked for one before nap.

The last 3-4 months was somewhat challenging as Emma had been sick almost every month. Her common illness got to be cough. She had a diarrhea and allergic rash once. I think it's due to the erratic weather that causes her immunity to be weaker. We pray that the recent one would the last serious case of virus - it took her more than 1 week to recover.

She is sleeping well at night and her bedtime remains at 9pm. These days, it has been very enjoyable to put her to bed as it has became a time for some chats. After 2 stories, we talked about what we do for the day. Naps on weekends are hit and miss. Sometimes, it would take me more than an hour before she finally knock out.

Now that she has became a big sister, I pray that she will continue to be sensible and independent. Seeing much love for her baby sister in her, I'm thankful for that and can't wait to see how their sisterly love unfolds!


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