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Jamu Postnatal Massage by All-Ten-Tic + Giveaway

This review and giveaway post is in collaboration with All-Ten-Tic
Strained back and shoulders, overworked joints, expanded uterus and hip, heavy loss of blood, and intense stress and pain. Indeed, 36 weeks + 2 days of pregnancy and the "fast and furious" child birth have taken a toil on my body.
Thus, I appreciate having a 4-week confinement to recuperate and nurse myself back to health. During these 4 weeks, I had a confinement auntie to help me with cooking and caring of Baby Avalyn. In addition, I was also pampered with a 5 days Jamu postnatal massage by All-Ten-Tic.
When I was expecting Emma, I read about the benefits of postnatal massage and was convinced that it was necessary. After reading through the reviews on the forum, I went ahead to book a freelance masseur that I found online. The body massage was good but the breast massage was very painful. I thought it was normal until I experienced one painless breast massage few months later. Hence, I was pretty skeptical to engage another freelancer. So, when I heard about All-Ten-Tic, I knew I could trust them since they have been in business since 2008. 

About All-Ten-Tic

Established since 2008, All-Ten-Tic is Singapore Leading Specialist that provides Postnatal Jamu massage in the comfort of customers' home. It offers Authentic Postnatal Jamu Massage treatments, Professional Therapists and customized Premium Jamu Blend to ensure new mothers get a comprehensive post recovery.

All-Ten-Tic Jamu Postnatal Massage

All-Ten-Tic Jamu Postnatal massage helps new mother regains her looks, health, strength and energy. With its Premium Jamu Blend made from 100% natural ingredients, it is safe, gentle and effective.
The 5 day massage package that I have went through includes: 

1. 1 hour full body Signature Postnatal Jamu Massage

Therapist Sharon started massaging on the legs, bottom, body back, shoulders, arms and neck.
It was really relaxing and I had a hard time keeping awake for the first 2 sessions. After taking notes of the 2 sessions for this review, I allowed myself to drift into sleep for the following 3 sessions.

After working on the back, it's time for the front body. She used the hot stones on the breasts before massaging. Then, followed by massage on the stomach.


2. Breast massage with heated hot stone 

Before starting the breast massage, the therapist used the heated hot stone to release tense and tight muscles at the breast. The heat expands the blood vessels and encourages blood circulation. Together with the breast massage, it helps to improve milk flow and clear engorgement/blocked ducts. 

Unlike the first time, I didn't have bad blockage issue this time. I pumped every 3 hours and it pretty much emptied the breasts. After 2 sessions, the heated hot stones did help to clear some small knots of blocks.

The hot stones really makes a big difference. The first masseur that I talked about earlier didn't used that and just squeeze and press like nobody's business. It was so painful that I screamed quite a bit. 

3. Application of Jamu Herbs and Binding

At the end of the session, Therapist Sharon applied Jamu Pilis on the forehead to avoid dizziness and blurred eyes vision. It is believed to help prevent headache at old age.

She then applied Jamu Tapel on my stomach to help tones and tighten the stomach muscles and expel wind out from the tummy after delivery, and started binding. 

Each customer is given one specially designed binder, matched-made with the finest selection of Batik cloth, to bind the stomach area at the last step in Jamu postnatal massage.

Instead of a very long cloth which I had for the first time, this special binder is so much more thinner and comfortable. To be honest, the first few hours can be quite uncomfortable as it was tight but it got less restrictive after a few hours of wearing. I had it on for 10 hours each day over the 5 days.
  Binding helps to expel and prevent wind from entering the body, reduce tummy size after delivery and tighten up the stomach muscles. It also helps to support and aid to strengthen back the spines. Jamu Tapel and Ginger slimming cream is applied before the binding.
The package also includes 2 complimentary baby massage demo and BodiNeeds 100% natural baby massage oil.
Other necessary items for the session will be provided, customers just need to prepare a mattress and towels. Besides the 5 day package ($568), there are also 7 days ($678) and 10 days ($888) session packages. Additional sessions after the 10 day package is also available for top up.
Besides postnatal massage, All-Ten-Tic also provides pregnancy massage, TCM Meridian massage and traditional Javanese massage at the comfort of your home. Do check out more on their website.

Benefits of Jamu Postnatal Massage

Read on if you are wondering whether to indulge in a postnatal massage package. Jamu Postnatal Massage have lots of benefits that new mummies should not miss! It helps to:
- Speed up post pregnancy recovery after birth
- Expel "trapped wind" in tummy and body
- Eliminate toxins
- Reduce water retention
- Tone and tighten up stomach muscles
- Help regain back energy level
Support spine after birth and during breastfeeding
- Relieve body aches and leg cramps
- Relieve constipation
- Speed up shrinkage of womb
- help remove remaining blood clots
- Assist and helps to improve breastfeeding

Among all, I'm most pleased by the relaxed body and toner tummy! The binding really works! After birth, I still looked like 3 months pregnant.  I know it's normal, but how can I risk to let it go away by itself? After 5 days of binding, I went from 31 inches on the first day to 29 inches after the last day of binding.
To keep in shape, I'm hoping to continue binding with the BodiNeeds Belly Hipster (Velcro) wrap and Gingerly Yours cream for another 3 weeks. Looking forward to some good results!


By the way, expecting mummies would be happy to hear that All-Ten-Tic is giving away a 60 mins pregnancy body massage (worth $129). The massage can be carried out after 2nd trimester and before 36 weeks of pregnancy.
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