Monday, December 11, 2017

Celebrating Christmas with Mothercare!

Our first Christmas tree is up!

I was pleasantly surprised when Daddy suggested putting up a Christmas tree at our new home this year. He's usually the one who shoots my creative ideas down with his practical reasoning. For the first time, he decided that it's more important to have fun than be taken aback by the hassle to set up a Christmas tree and take it down after a month. In fact, I was the less enthusiastic one. Things have been so overwhelming that I would prefer to have one less thing to do. 

However, I'm so thankful that he decided to take up the challenge and made it happened! We had so much fun setting up the tree and it brings a little more joy to our new home. 

After weeks of bugging from Emma, we finally decided to set up the Christmas tree on the last Saturday of November. It was near bedtime when we felt motivated to set up the tree. The excited Daddy-Daughter team went ahead to set up the tree while I put Avalyn to bed.

It was as if Avalyn knew that something exciting was brewing outside. She refused to sleep. Then I thought, why not let her join in the fun too? With her in the carrier, our family of 4 set up our first Christmas tree together! But, it didn't take too long to appease Avalyn and she fell deep asleep while we finished up the tree. 

I wish to say that we are all ready for Christmas but we're totally not! Beside setting up the Christmas tree, we have only gotten the girls a set of matchy dresses. 

We saw these red checkered dresses at Mothercare and couldn't resist to get them for the girls. They look so cute in them!

Our Christmas tree is still looking empty and we need to top it up with some presents. Looks like I need to make another trip to Mothercare again. There are lots of children clothes, baby stuff and toys that are going on sale!

The mothercare fashion items are going at 15% for one item, 20% for 2 items and 30% off for 3 items! Do you also know that Mothercare now carries ELC toys too? I'm impressed at its wide range of toys for different age group (i.e, let's pretend, action & adventure, sport & activity, music and puzzles, etc) and the discounts are pretty good! 

You can also get an additional 5% discount when you quote "M_ashlynthia" when you purchase from Mothercare online store. This discount code is only valid till 25 Dec 2017 for the first 25 shoppers, and is not applicable to nett-priced products & other items under T&C. 

It's surely a good time to check out Mothercare stores and online store this Christmas! 

Mothercare Year End Sale will run till 25 Dec 2017.

Ending off, we wish you and your family an early blessed and joyous Christmas! May God bless you with lots of love, joy and peace!

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