Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thomashlynshome #7: GoodAire's 5-in-1 air purifier - Air Revitalizer H1

How often do we take clean and fresh air for granted?
I would say, most of us don't even think about "air" until we smell tinge of pollution like smoke or haze.
Singapore experienced the worst haze in 2015 and it was such a nightmare. I remembered the house being hazy and stuffy as we had to close all the door and windows. I was worried about Emma getting sick. Thankfully, we didn't have to battle another haze period this year. Nevertheless, I like to be prepared for bad air days.
We have been using air sterilizers for the past few years. From time to time, we would take out our air sterilizer to clean the air in the house. Now, I glad to have another option and that's the Air Revitalizer H1 by GoodAire, a homegrown company seeking to protect families from poor air quality and mosquitoes (

GoodAire Air Revitalizer H1 is a 5-in-1 air purifier that repels mosquitoes, filters air, diffuses aromas, humidifies and acts as a night light.
Before we moved in, we were concerned about mosquitoes as we lived in an area surrounded by forest. Thanks to our mozzie guarded walls, we haven't have any mosquitoes attack. But, I'm sure to blast the air purifier if we were to spot any. GoodAire Air Revitalizer is able to knock down mosquitoes within 2-5 minutes with its proprietary blends of natural essential oils. They are DEET-free, non-toxic and safe for use around young children, infants and the elderly.
GoodAire Air Revitalizer uses a patented airflow and water system to suck in air from the surrounds, and remove the pollutants through the process of scrubbing. Besides effectively filtering the dust and haze particles present in the air, it also neutralize germs and bacteria. Clean air infused with nano-porous beads of essential oils is then released via the side airvents back into the room.
Since we stay out of the house during the day, the girls' room don't get ventilated as much as we love to. Having this Air Revitalizer allows us to clean the air when we were out.
Unlike our old air steriliser that looks like an amplifier, this beautiful modern designed set sits so much nicer in the house. It comes in white, black, gold, red, rose gold and silver! We chose the white one to match the furniture in the girls' room!
Furthermore, it can be controlled by a phone app. How convenient! There are 5 speed models, and 2 operating modes - "Min" mode allows the Air Revitalizer to operate through the night silently and at low speed. "Max" mode should be used during periods of extreme pollution such as haze, or during the traditional mosquito high season. There are also 7 ambient light colours to suit our preference and mood!
Check out GoodAire Air Revitalizer if you are looking to improve the air quality in your house and create a mosquito-free environment! Quote discount code "ashlynthia" for a 10% off purchases!

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