Monday, June 29, 2009

Shop to win !!

I'm participant 63 and dear dear 65.

Had a photoshoot last sat morning. After which met up with Dear Dear at Orchard to shop for shoes. Then we headed down to Botanic Garden for sight-seeing, or rather more of photoshoot location-seeing.

Followed by 2nd round of shopping at PS before our gathering with ex colleagues.

To our surprise,there was Samsung roadshow again!!
So we participated since we were early for our gathering.

**Dear got 2nd in place this time and me (ehem) got the consolation prize.

Headed for dinner @ Thai Express straight after so we didn't have time to 'sell' our vouchers. Hence, we went back on sun after cell group to sell the vouchers. Found out that winners are not allowed to join the same game. Ooops! Hmmm, they didn't tell us and we didn't know that till Sun. =P. Pardon our ignorance. Anyway, we got our $120 ! 

Then we continued with our shopping...

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