Saturday, July 4, 2009

$39.91 for a pair of silver crystal heels.

Went TAKA to shop for heels last Thurs.

Those that really blink cost $200-$400!! Indeed they are really lovely, but I can't bear to buy such expensive one. =( Not really worth it. I would only be wearing it for at most 3 times? Once during final fitting, once during photoshoot and once during  actual wedding day. Or probably a few more times during some special events. ?!?

So i settled on a $99 one. After the 10% discount and $50 voucher (that we won during Wii Bowling), we got a silver heels with some shiny crystals at $39.91. Hehe, it's really a good buy. So happy !!

Lalalaaa, one more item off our list... =P

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