Sunday, August 16, 2009

In Gowns & Suits

We had our wedding photoshoot last Friday! =)

We arrived at GHA at 10am, and Helen, my bridal coordinator & MUA, started to doll me up. Hehee

Photographer, Steve, came at 10 plus and helped Dear Dear styled his hair. Steve not only take good photos but he can also style.. Hehe

We started our photoshoot at 11 plus and ended our studio shoot at ard 2. Had our lunch and then left for our outdoor photoshoot.

Our young humorous photographer, Steve =)

Time was tight for our outdoor shoot, but thank God that we went according to plan. Though there were some held up here and there, it was overall a smooth one.

Steve is very humorous and really entertained us. I love his photography style, I think he is really good ! He started photography since like 12 or 15. I can't exactly remember.

Look... Steve was doing up my hair =P

Our shoot ended at around 8pm and we went back to GHA. =) Was very tired and hungry by the time we ended, but it is definitely worth it.

*** Bumped into Steve last Thurs, he said we should be able to view the photos by this weekend. =D Excited !!!

Lord, thank you that the photoshoot went well. Give thanks for really good cooperation with Steve & Helen. Give thanks for the good weather too. Give thanks for the hotel room as well as the hotel staff assistance. I pray that our photos will turn out pretty.

In Jesus Name. Amen.

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