Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An Angel

I'm not one...

19 Jul, I was at Dawn's house when I received this piece of news - One of my church children passed away on that afternoon.

After 6 years of battle, Shi Ning returned to the Lord. She suffered from leukemia since she was 4 years old, and it had never been easy journey for her.

This was what her Dad shared during her wake...

1 week before her death, Shi Ning told her parents that she is no longer her usual self, she's returning to the Lord. She's a very faithful little girl and she strongly believe that she will still meet her parents in heaven. She told her Godmum to accept Christ else they would not be able to meet again.

On the very day that she passed away, she was not feeling very well. She hid in the room, not wanting her parents to see how terrible she was feeling. Her parents asked if she needed to admit to hospital, but she said she need not. It was only till she was not breathing well that she came out. And her parents brought her to the hospital. However, she didn't make it.

She was on the car, in her Mum's arms when she apologised to her parents for leaving them and went off peacefully.

Ps Wee said: She looks like a smiling angel...and I thought so too.
Looking through the coffin, I thought of the times when I taught her. It was almost 2 years ago when I last seen her. Taught her for a year plus and her cancer relapsed.

She's a well behaved girl who speaks softly & gently. She's a very strong and faithful girl.

She's also a very caring and generous girl. She got to know an indonesian boy who was seeking treatment in Singapore. His parents are not very rich and had to just sleep around at K K Hospital. When she knew it, she offered to give him her ang pao $. It is really touching to hear that she actually helped someone when she was also in need.

Her life has been short, yet long enough to touch many people' hearts.

Lord, you have your perfect plans in everything. May you bring comfort to her parents and grant them extra strength to move on. It is definitely not easy for them to face her departure. Strengthen their faith. Encourage them.

In Jesus Name. Amen.

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