Thursday, June 23, 2011

Home In Progress #4

Wall tiles up !!

We dropped by yesterday night and were happy to see that the tiles were up so fast. Mon was confirming tiles, removing of wiring, cementing and by Wed walls have been largely tiled up.

Then, Dear popped by this afternoon... more tiles are up and floor tiling has started.

Here's our master bedroom pending mosaic tiling. Can't wait for the common toilet and kitchen floor tiles to be done. =D

Meanwhile, we have been busy shopping & buying home items...
1. TV & soundbar (PC Show - Mega)
2. Fridge (Mega)
3. Washing machine (Mega)
4. Toilets bowls, sinks & taps (Hoe Kee)
5. Hoob & hob (Everjoint)
6. Air con (Gain City)
... & there are still several more items to go.

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