Thursday, January 26, 2012

Precious Moments of 2011

I know that I haven't been writing much... posting photos is certainly the easier way out. =P.

However, I do have much that I would love to journal down. As I am entering into my quarter of century, I realised that there are too many happenings, emotions and thoughts that I wish to remember. But it just gets harder to recall those precious details that pieced up my life. Hence, I hope that these words and photos could help in my recollection for the many years to come. :)

We started the year with our first home in mind. After a couple of units viewing around the west, we eventually decided on the first one that we had viewed. We love the location for it has plenty amenties like coffeeshops, supermarkets, mrt station and also a shopping centre. It is very near the central yet away from the crowd and noises. Besides, the air is also much fresher due to the greenery around. However, we have to live with the harmless occassional visitors like spiders and beetles. hehe.

It is month of love, not the V-day but our anniversary. We had our 1st wedding anniversary back at fullerton. It was a lovely night by the beautiful skyline.

Besides, it was also then when brother went abroad for his 6 weeks midshipman training. It was his first time being away from home for such long period.

Feb - May
These are the months where I was in the midst of books, seminars, assignments and exams. Nevertheless, I am glad to have my love ones celebrating my birthday during my least enjoyable times of the year.

Over at work, we also had our National University Heart Centre, Singapore launch in April. I am thankful for these lovely colleagues who have really brighten up the everydays in office.

Jun - Jul
It was a busy school holiday where we had our 6 weeks renovation. We gotten our keys in March but renovation was delayed due to my studies.
We decided on modern minimalist theme and came up with our own design, matching up colours and textures to achieve our lovely home. It was a fun, long and tiring process. However, all these efforts were worthwhile. :) We are very pleased with the transformation. The contractor and workers had did a good job despite some little hiccups.
Thank God that everything was completed just in time and we get to settle down before I got piled up.

We have been attending new church set up by our main church since the second half of the year :) It has so far been good and I'm still with the children sunday school. I pray that we would be able to get closer to the Lord this year.

My sweet and precious brother had his commissioning parade in Jul. :) Like the saying, "Heroes are born out of adversity", I pray that he will be stronger, braver and brighter day by day to handle all the challenges ahead.

Aug - Nov
I'm glad to have my dear friends warming up our new house before I got busy with school :) They rocked our house!

We are very thankful for all who had took time for our house warming :) Thank you for sharing our joy!

Other than some changes at the workplace, my time was revolving around studies, home and family. These were a pretty stressful and emotional months. Ah gong was seriously sick and we all just long to spend some more time with him. It was tough on him and he eventually passed away in Oct... Even though he had left us, he will always be in our hearts.

On another note, Hubby's birthday fall on a really special date - 11.11.11 and he has been wishing for something special for as long as he can remember. It is his 30th and also a date that will happen only once in a century, which is once in (most of) our lifetime.

After much brainstorming, we set to embark on a one day once-a-lifetime countries hopping expedition. With a mission of collecting as much datestamps on 11.11.11 as possible, we headed to 4 countries - KL, Phnom penh, Ho chi minh, Bangkok in just one day. :)

Yes, it seems a crazy idea but we had enjoyed ourselves. :) It's a great achievement to brave through the custom guards and hop on to the other flights without being questioned. I guessed that the guards didn't really notice our other stamps. Besides, we also got to explore quite a bit of Phnom penh and took those airports photos. But most important of all, I'm very happy to be able to spend a very memorable birthday with my lovely hubby.

Exams ended in late Nov and it was finally holidays!!! :)
Some may think that I went wild to colour my hair in a different way, but in fact I was actually helping out with a salon in a photoshoot for their ombre series.

It then followed by a photoshoot for school prospectus. I was glad that the ombre style that they had did for me isn't of those striking colours like red or green. Otherwise, I surely wouldn't pass the school side.

We had the opportunity to travel with our lovely church mates to Hong Kong & Okinawa :) It is fun traveling with them and we are thankful for these caring brothers and sisters (& cute baby).

It was supposed to be a night stop over at HK, but flight was delayed. Hence, we had an extra day for dimsum, disneyland, claypots and shopping at the street. :D

Okinawa is all about road trips, photoshooting, sightseeing, blue sky, nice sea, aquarium, family marts, bittergourd and black pigs... :) The hotel that we stayed in has great view and it was pretty awesome waking up to the beautiful sea. The weather was not too cold and thus very comfortable for me. I am really thankful for everything and everyone in this trip.

A week later, we had our church christmas celebration with the neighbourhood kids :) We had songs, skits, food, games and presents!

It's a happy festive period. CHAOS had our christmas baby birthday celebration and christmas gifts exchange over at our usual hangout. Looking forward to meeting them real soon!

This year's dept christmas party had quite a bit of pretty stuffs.. heh.. lovely macarons trees and yummy chocolates.

We also have the pleasure to witness the wedding of our church mates, Jia Jun & Jia Rong :) Glad to see my young time youth group leader walking down the aisle with his love one. Sweet ~

Another round of celebrations with brothers & sisters :)

I thank God for these lovely ones. Though we couldn't meet up as regularly as before, I know (and they know) that we could always count on each other.

Other than all these happy christmas celebrations, we were also unfortunate to receive a post christmas 'present'. The loan shark runner apparently just want to harass the target's neigbours.

Sadly, we were one of the two that was splashed paint :( It took us quite some time to remove most of the stains. I pray that the borrower will quickly pay them off and that the runner don't attack our unit again.

Well, I think this very long post has pretty much wrapped up my awesome 2011. :) & I'm thankful for all the ups and downs. May 2012 be another year of wonders with greater faith love & joy!

Ending off... 

Have a great year ahead !!

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