Monday, June 25, 2012

My journey @ NUHS

It has been more than 3 years, but I still remembered the time when I decided to leave Aerre and had to choose between NUHS and RELC International Hotel. I eventually chose healthcare over hospitality as healthcare is peaking. I'm glad that I have joined healthcare as it is meaningful to work with an organisation that contributes to the society and it's really interesting to understand how a hospital operates. Other than the little not-so-positive episodes, I am blessed to work with a great boss and wonderful team. I would like to thank them for all the joy, laughters, care, listening ears, advice, support and sweet memories.


It’s a new environment and I was just starting to learn. Our team was young and building up. We were still in our old cramped office at the service block, somewhere pretty near the mortuary. Those were the days where I had to travel 3 hrs a day to and fro work each day.


I am thankful to have these colleagues seeing me through my wedding preparation to actual wedding. It's also great joy to celebrate 6 other weddings <3

After married, I moved to the west and traveling time reduced greatly :) ...We had another few months at the old office. Come to think about it, we had quite good time there. It is closer to the staff canteen and NUS science canteen. Here we are at our little backyard behind my workstation.

Some time later, we spent weeks to pack up for office move in May 2010. Everything at Tower Block is new and pleasing to eyes. There’s nice views, homely pantry, pretty toilets and comfortable workspace.

I’m blessed to participate in the secretaries’ teambuilding where we “conquered” mount ophir. haha. It’s rather a challenge for most of us: desk-bounded and lack-of-exercise secretaries. However, with the encouragements and support, we all managed to reach our destination. It’s amazing what a 2 day 1 night trip can do to us, or at least to me, I managed to know them better. 


Our team grew and worked really well. Lots of effort was put in to set up the new NUHCS and we finally had our opening in April 2011. Even though I wasn’t involved in the planning and execution, I am glad to witness how the old wing has actually transformed. To our surprise, our boss decided to move on few months later and several changes followed on through the next year. 


After months of the guidance by an acting director of another cluster, we were happy to have a new director on board.

Since my old boss left, I have been praying if I should change job as I am still studying. NUHS is such a perfect place for me as it is near my home and school. I have caring and cute colleagues, though some have already left. Besides, I know the system fairly well. Hence, I hold firmly to the fact that I should not leave as I need to save time for work-school-life balance.

But this unexpected opportunity matches my requirement so nicely. It is just a stop away from home and a different industry where I could get to learn new knowledge :D I know it's time to move on. I really marvel at how God hears and provides. His plan is far better than mine.

It has been exactly a month in my new job and everything has been good so far. I'm thankful to have a helpful buddy. :) I look forward to more challenges and building new friendships with my cluster.

Dear Lord,
I am thankful for all ups and down at work, for they all have helped to train me up. Thank you for the people you have placed along my journey. Thank you for your guidance over the past 3 plus years. Now, I continue commit my (new) job unto you, so that I would be able to perform well and honor you.

In Jesus Name. Amen.

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