Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thomashlyn Jr #2 - 1st Trimester

It’s an amazing journey that I never want to forget. My first trimester ended some weeks ago and I am now into my second trimester :)

The first trimester comprises the first 13 weeks of pregnancy where the first 2 weeks before conception are taken into consideration.

Week 1 - 5

I should have conceived around early Dec after we came back from our church retreat. It also happened to be the time we brought Shiro home :) Dec was a busy and joyous month so I didn’t actually notice any changes to my body. It was till Dawn’s wedding (30 Dec) when I felt a little nausea and bloated but I thought I just didn’t sleep well. I waited till 1 Jan and did home pregnancy tests twice. Both shown positive and I was 5 weeks + along.

On 2 Jan, Dear accompanied me to the clinic for the third test as confirmation before I inform my new boss. I had accepted my new job offer in late Nov when I was not pregnant yet and was to resign on 4 Jan. God has blessed me with a very understanding boss. He told me not to worry and asked me to proceed as planned.

Week 6 – 13

We went for the first gyane appointment at KKH private suite with Dr Han at mid-week 6. The first appointment was an excited yet anxious one as there are cases of false positives and other complications. I just prayed hard that everything will be fine. After some wait, we finally had the very first sight of the little bean on the ultrasound. I was given some folic acids and Vit B.

After confirming with Dr Han that flying is safe till late pregnancy, we decided to go ahead with our pre-booked Phuket trip at late week 6/week 7.

As I got to skip all sea activities and be safe, we didn’t plan much for the trip and decided to just relax through the 4 days. It's just in time for an early babymoon !

After the trip, I continued to serve my notice. I was 10 weeks + when I left my previous company and started new job on 4 Feb. School term started too and it is rather tiring to pull through the 3 hours lessons. On a brighter note, we also celebrated our third year wedding anniversary. This time we went for Clifford @ Fullerton Bay hotel instead.

We then had our second appointment at week 10 and also did some scan at week 12. Our baby has been growing well! Dr stopped the two types of supplement and gave me multivitamins & calcium.

As much as we would like to shout to the world at the first moment, we only started to share with family members from week 9 and friends from week 11 during CNY gatherings after knowing all that baby is getting along well. I am so excited to share my joy with all and am thankful for all the support that they have given me.

First Trimester

Anyway, here's my little growing bump at the end of my first trimester :) It's definitely much bigger now!

@ week 13

I am thankful that my first trimester has been rather pleasant and that baby has growing well. I didn’t have bad morning sickness other than sore boobs and tiredness. I can sleep as early as 9pm and have been going to the toilet at least once in the middle of the night. I am eating and sleeping well. I am thankful for a loving and supportive hubby. I am also feeling happy most of the time. On the 'downside', clothes are still fitting a little tighter and I am down on flats. Besides, I got to skip Yu Sheng/Salmon this CNY.

I pray that I will learn to trust God more and more each day. It can be really stressful and worrisome for a mother-to-be as are endless of worries and what-nots. I sincerely believe that entrusting all to God is the only way through. I also pray for wisdom, strength and joy in our preparation to welcome our little one. There are simply too many stuffs to plan and consider. May the Lord continue to guide our journey like he always has :)

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