Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thomashlyn Jr #3 - Week 20

We are expecting a baby girl :) and am already looking forward to dressing up our little one. hehe. I am happy that our baby is a girl as I'm also the elder girl in the family. However, I am totally worried that she will be a pampered daddy's girl. I can already imagine how my hubby's heart will be melted by her.  
I'm 20 weeks today and am finally half way through the pregnancy! Thomashlyn Jr has been growing well and it has been a week plus since I started to feel some little movements from her. It is nice feeling that I can’t clearly describe. It just feel like quick stomach flutters but at the lower abdominal. Once a while, she will move a little to say hello to me.
Indeed, 2nd trimester has been much better than the 1st. I am feeling more energetic and could sleep slightly later. My appetite has been good although I tend to feel bloated after meals. My baby bump has been growing faster than in the 1st trimester and I can’t fit in most of my pre-pregnancy clothes. I have already gained about 5 kg. I am getting more breathless lately, I guess my small body doesn’t have much free space in there and lungs couldn’t expand as much.

@ week 20

I have been reading up/asking for advice and trying to learn/prepare as much as I could. After years of not stepping into the national libraries, I decided that I need to borrow some books.

There seems to be pretty much to catch up for the next 20 weeks and endless on-job training thereafter! I have already gotten a long list of to-dos and to-buys. I continue to pray for wisdom and strength to breathe through these 20 weeks and the new challenging journey ahead…

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