Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thomashlyn Jr #5 - So, it's 6 down, and another last 1 to go

I have just submitted my last assignment for this semester and am left with another final module/semester next year! It's finally time to free up my brain and enjoy for a good 8 months before my school begins.

It has been near 3 long years since I started my degree education in Jun 10.

Before our wonderful gift, I planned to complete my degree in 3 years but I eventually chose to defer my last module. It was a few day away from the cut-off date to decide whether to bite through or defer when I found out that I am expecting. I had already registered for the modules and semester is starting in another month time. I struggled to make the decision. 

As much as I wanted to complete my degree in May 13, I didn't want to add on additional stress to my pregnancy. It's our first baby, god-given and so precious that I would do anything to protect it. The final module is known to be the toughest of all and school mates commented that it is really hard to score above B. Besides, lessons were held on both weekends (almost full days) and there will be quite a lot of assignments and presentations. In addition, with my new workplace being further thus longer traveling time needed, I thought it would be physically and mentally tiring to pull through. In addition, also wanted to spend more couple time with Hubby and prepare for parenthood before the baby comes along.

I foresee that it would be challenging to cope with a then 6 month old baby and studies for my last semester in Jan 14. However, I know that God will help me through and Hubby is also very supportive for me to defer as he didn't want me to be too stressed and tired. Besides, he would be there to help out with the baby too. I see how he takes care of baby Shiro and I know he is capable. hehe. I actually don't know if I would be in a much better state by then but with a leap of faith and Hubby's support, I believe things should be all fine. Hence, I dropped the final module and just took 2 assignment-based modules for this semester.

Looking back, I am glad that I had taken only 2 modules. My modules spanned across my Week 10 to Week 22 when I was needing much early sleep before early 2nd trimester. Besides, there were also moments of emotional worries that would have taken me off track my studies. I don't think my body and mind would be able to take on these weekends lessons and school work. So, I am thankful that now it's all good and manageable.

Anyway, I pray that I will continue to seek and trust him in whatever circumstances :)

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