Saturday, May 4, 2013

A special birthday


This year birthday celebration is such a special one before me being a mummy. It just seems like some kind of last birthday. I’m currently 23 weeks along and am just 17 weeks (4 months +) away from being a mother. The thought of being a mother seems so exciting but yet challenging. Words can’t really express how I feel.. To have a baby growing in me seems to have changed me, it will no longer be just about me. Next year, We will be celebrating with our little girl. :D

We have a good 3 plus years of couple life and I am glad to have some time to each other before the little one comes along. I believe life would change greatly when we become parents and it would be hard to be so carefree at least for the next few years. Well, I don’t how well we would manage but I believe that God will certainly guide us through.

Anyway, I had a great celebration :) Hubby and I took leave to celebrate this special day. 

We started the day with empty stomachs and queued for Tim Ho Wan. We didn’t have a chance to visit the one at Hong Kong when we were there and I am so glad to be able to try it in Singapore.We waited for slightly over an hr before the customers from the first batch finished their round. Here's the queue at around 1030am. There was still queue out at 4pm. Madness.

We ordered quite a feast considered that it is just the 2 of us. Haha... of the 10 dishes that we had ordered, I especially love their baked char siew bao, salted egg and century egg porridge, siew mai and spring roll. Hubby loves their steamed cake too. I find that their service is rather prompt and time taken to serve the food is not too long wait.


Nicest Char Siew Bao that I have tasted :D

 Salted egg and century egg porridge. Love this, I can have it everyday!

The siew mai are good of goodness.. Must try!

Steamed cake, it has great texture! 

We finished our brunch and went for Iron Man 3 :) It’s definitely worth a watch. 

I love the storyline and the little sense of humor embedded in it. Pepper looks so cool this time. However, it was a little uncomfortable for me as there is no toilet break. Haha, but I managed to pull through the 130mins.We were still not hungry for another meal so went for some ice cream instead before we went for present shopping.

Finally decided on getting a watch. Love it being so versatile as it matches with formal or casual outfit.


Nothing forgetting the rest... I am also blessed with great friends and colleagues who have showered me with lots of love, wonderful wishes, gifts and treats.

I am thankful for each and every of them.


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