Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Confinement journey

Baby Emma turns 5 weeks old on Tues! Too many happenings and I have the urge to record all these memories before they are long gone. 

I went through 30 days of confinement and broke free from my imprisonment once the confinement lady left. 

It would say that it wasn't a pleasant experience even though there was an additional helping hand. The confinement lady helped out with the cooking, taking care of baby (bathing, nappy changes, bottle feeding at times, soothing baby) and simple housework (washing laundry and cleaning the floor). However, I suppose confinement is necessary to allow new mother to rest and recover. Better safe than sorry. I basically just wake up, nurse baby, short nap, eat, surf net (googled for numerous questions about baby) and the erratic cycle goes on. 

Hubby is strict, so I followed most of the rules:

1. Ate confinement food and tonics

2. Drank Red dates drink only (had plain water with medicine only)

3. Covered up - pyjamas, tights, socks and slippers

4. No fan, but he allows aircon. Phew
5. Showered with herbs (about 12 times throughout)
6. No washing of hair (other than on day 25)
7. Laid down where possible
8. Stayed indoor (other than visit to hair salon on day 25 and baby first month celebration on day 26)
9. No touching of cold water (used hot shower water instead)
10. No squatting, standing or walking around too much

During this period, I engaged a masseur for a week to massage away the 'wind' and water. I had the binder on for 7 days and had a slightly tighter tummy after. 

However, it seems to be less tight now as I was supposed to wear the binder for a month, it was very uncomfortable so I didn't manage to do it. :( I am targeting to work on my tummy and shed the remaining 6.5kg (total gained was 14kg) on me by the time I get back to work in mid Dec. In the meantime, I don't want to compromise on my lactation so I got to need the calories!

Other than the confinement rules, picking skills on nursing and caring of baby have been stressful. So, I am really glad that I have pulled through without any blues. Thank God for watching over. Hubby has been most supportive and I wouldn't be able to go through all without him. We are also thankful for our parents who have been helping us out with the marketing, checking us out and being there for us. 

It has been slightly past a week without confinement lady and I am thankful that things are slowly falling in place. I continue to pray for power, perseverance and peace as walk this journey of parenting. There are still so much more that I would like to pen down, but would leave it to other entries :) till then, stay calm and smile!

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