Friday, September 27, 2013

Daddy! Daddy!

Before the arrival of Emma, I often wonder how well would Hubby take up the role of a new Daddy. It has been 6 weeks plus and now I could gladly say that he is doing well, better than expected :) It seems like the father's instinct just came to him naturally.


I can't decide if he is a better husband or father as he has been very loving, encouraging and patient while helping out with taking care of Emma when he could. All these just make me fall in love with him over and over again.

When I feel stressed up, he would always comfort me. When I feel at loss or giving up, he would always encourage me. When things go wrong, it just feel right to have him (with the little one) by my side.

He patiently run all errands, there are seriously many little things to buy right after birth. He changes her diapers, plays with her, burps her, coax her to sleep and check on her. He would take over babysitting at times when I was tired and just needed some rest. He would also bring Emma over to me for night feedings if he woke up first.

After confinement lady left, Hubby took a week off work to help out with me and get me settled down with taking care of Emma alone. During that week, we also managed to head out for breakfasts and short outings. It feel great to spend time together!

Here's the proud Daddy at West Coast Park on his last day of paternity leave.

Things have been more settled down now, with both good and bad days. I am really thankful for God's guidance, Hubby and everything!! Looking forward to see how our little precious grow ;)

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