Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Emma turned 3 months old!

Statistics: Emma is around 5.6kg and 59cm now. She is still on Huggies medium size diapers.

Health: She is doing great now!

Going for her 3rd month vaccinations next week. Praying hard that she wouldn't be too fussy after that.

Diet: Emma still feeds on total breastmilk. She feeds every 3 hours and 6 times a day. To prepare her for the infant care, we started to bottle feed her 3 times a day since 2 weeks ago and she is finally taking it well. She resisted the bottle initially and it was kind of a battle to get her drink from it.

Sleep: She usually wakes up at 7am and sleeps by 11pm. I mentioned last month that she had one 7 hours apart and thankfully she actually continues after that! She has settled down to sleeping for 8-9 hour after her last feed at 10pm. :)

She would usually stay awake around 1-1.5hrs before she takes her daytime naps. And the late evening ones are also getting better as we kind of figured out that she would stay awake 1.5-2hours before she sleeps at 830-9pm. She would usually wake up for 10pm feed or else a dreamfeed.

We have also stopped swaddling her some time ago as she always managed to unswaddle her and doesn't need it to keep her asleep anymore.

Activity: She is still doing the stuffs like her 2nd month. In addition, I would put her down on her tummy for a couple of minutes to train her neck and arms. She is not enjoying tummy time yet but it's definitely getting better.

Social/Outings: The few usual places are parents' place, parents-in-law's place, clementi mall and church. She also ventured to IMM, Vivocity and Jem.
She joined us for Chaos gathering and celebrated Wanxin's and Xue mei's belated bday together!

We also went for 2 gatherings with the Aug mummies and babies!

We headed out to West coast park dog park for the first time to celebrate Shiro's first year birthday!

Last but no least, we also went to Sentosa cove, Vivocity and IMM for Hubby's birthday celebration!

Clothes: She is still fitting in her clothes but they are getting tight on her. Time to get more clothes for her!!
Milestones: We stopped putting on mittens for Emma at Week 9 and since then she has been munching/sucking her hands/fingers. Oh well, pacifiers vs her hands! I can't decide which is the better worse.

She has been talking alot more lately. But she tends to talk more to Hubby! I seriously think that she has seen enough of me each day and misses her Daddy.

Postpartum: Yes, finally a new look!!

We had our first date without Emma. It was a pre-birthday celebration for Hubby and we went for Thor movie! We were out for 3 hours and my parents helped to babysit Emma.

Another 4kg to lose! Seems like it is getting so hard to shed them as I get hungry easily these days.

On a side note, I have registered for my final semester. It will start sometime late Jan!

Others: We registered Emma for infant care centre and she will be starting next month. I'm gona miss her so much!!
We also packed away the bed that we put up confinement lady and bought new wardrobe and changing table. :)

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