Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DIY Tulle Tutu Skirt

Even before being a girl's mum, I dream of dressing up my daughter in tutu skirt. I'm a secret lover of tutu skirt as princesses and ballerinas always look so great in them. When I saw this big blue fluffy wedding gown during selection, I knew that it got to be the one. :)  

There are many ready-made tutus for the little ones around but I didn't see any really pretty and cheap one (ok, I haven't been shopping around too much either). So, I decided to do up one for Emma myself. After months of shelving this mini project, I finally have some time to actualise it! 

You'll be surprised that it's actually quite easy and fun to do it.

Estimated time needed: 1hr for a mini tutu skirt / 2hr for an adult tutu skirt.

Materials needed:
1. Tulle netting of desired colours (Spotlight or party shop)
2. Scissors
3. Ribbon / Elastic band
4. Cardboard or other random piece of item (more on this later)

1. Cut out the ribbon to a length long enough to go round the waist with some excess to tie a ribbon (If you are using an elastic band, you will need to sew up the 2 ends)

2. Cut the tulle netting into pieces of panels (twice the length of the tutu skirt with an additional 3cm for the "knot". eg. 10cm skirts will need 23cm panels)

3. In order to cut many pieces of panels in the fastest and most efficient way, twirl the netting around a cardboard or some random items (I used my textbook) then cut off one side of the twirled netting.

4. Fold the panel into half and form a loop under the ribbon. Pull both tails of the panel into the loop to attach the panel to the ribbon.
5. Continue Step 4 until your desired "fluffiness". Remember to place tie them in the same direction.
6. Fluff up the skirt, tie the ribbon around the waist and it's done! 

Did up 2 pieces last week and I am still excited over it. I would love to try this again using better materials. Please share with me if you manage to it get hold of some good materials. ;D
Happy crafting!! :)


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  1. and that super cute little girl is adorable with the tutu you made! awesome indeed!