Sunday, May 18, 2014

Emma turned 9 months old!

Hi Everyone! My name is Emmalyn Ng and I just turned 9 months old :) I love to be on my tummy and it's getting harder for mummy to take nice photos of me lying on my back. And so, it's time to take some standing shots!


Statistics:  Glad that Emma has been gaining weight. She is 7.5kg and 0.4kg heavier than last month. Will be going for routine check up end of this month and we will get to know her height then :)
Health: Other than the bites/bumps, her health has been good. She gotten several bites/bumps on her left arms and we still have no idea what happened. They don't look like mosquitoes bites, more like bug bites. But there are still new bumps every morning after I had changed a fresh bedsheet, cleaned up her cot, cleaned up her mattress using rainbow vacuum, changed a new mattress, applied Candanula cream and Zem Buk. So, it doesn't seems to be bedbugs or dustmites problem. Thankfully, she eventually recovered with some light scars after almost 2 weeks.

Diet: She is still taking 4 bottles every 4hrly. 3 bottles of 200ml and 1 bottle of 160-180ml before her lunch. Dropped her dreamfeed again as she refused to take it. I believe she is simply too full.

She got her a high chair and she has been joining us at the dining table :) She started to take dinner 3 weeks ago and is now on 2 times solid. I'll prepare her porridge in the morning and keep it in the magic cooker (totally amazed by this pot as it can keep the porridge warm for 12 hours). On days when I run out of ingredients or time, I could give her brown rice cereal for dinner. She is still eating the same stuffs with a new items like pork and avocado. She is getting better at eating/swallowing and could bite/mash soft lumpy food. She could eat up to 30ml of rice cooked into porridge with purees.
Sleep: She sleeps by 845pm. She will have her dinner at 7pm and milk at 8. Followed by the usual night routine light play, wipe down, change, song and prayers before sleeping.

She naps 2-3 times in the day but could sometimes skip 1 nap. There are far more exciting things like playing with other babies and crawling around than sleeping.

Social/Outings: Other than parents and in-law's place, Jem, Imm and Clementi mall are our frequent hangout now. Looking forward to more outings since weekends are free from school now!

Activities: She really active now. She spends most of her time on tummy crawling and could get to places that she wants to go. She loves to observe her surrounding, play with her toys, claps and wave her hands. She is more expressive and making much more sounds/noises. Hah.

Milestones:  She started off with going on tummy from sitting position to supporting her body on fours without tummy touching the ground to finally be able to sit up by herself. All these happened in weeks, and now she is trying to pull herself up to standing position (we have just lowered her cot!). I believe that would be her next milestone. Her legs are getting stronger and she loves to stand with us supporting her or propping against the sofa.
Her first "injuries".. She had her first knock at her mouth as she fell forward when seated on me. There was a small swell and she cried really bad but she was fine and there wasn't any bleeding. Thereafter she had her first but very small blueblack at her forehead as she lost her balance when seated up and hit her cot rail. Looks like it's just the start, pray that she won't hurt herself too badly as she learn to stand up and cruise.

Postpartum: Spent most of my free time preparing for my final exam, but managed to squeeze in some time for facial and hair treatment. Hehe, took half a day leave to accompany mummy for check up and had time for hair treatment after the appointment.

We celebrated my first birthday and mother's day with Emma. Having her is my greatest gift! This should goes to the next month update, but I am excited to share :) I have finally completed my last exam of my degree on last Sat and I could finally have school off my shoulder! More on my education journey next time.


... 'Not by might nor by power, but my Spirit,' says the Lord Almighty = Zechariah 4:6b

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