Friday, July 18, 2014

Emma turned 11 months!

Statistics: Emma has almost tripled her weight since birth and weighed 8kg. We aren't too sure about her height but she is certainly taller. She could reach things that we "hide" at the far end of the TV console and sofa.

Health: Emma grew another 2 more teeth. 1 upper and the other at the bottom. They just appeared and I didn't even notice when they exactly cut out.

She has been well other than some cough and a bite. I gave her EYS bao ying dan for 2 days and applied/diffused RC, thieves and lemon essential oils for the week. She was much better after the 3rd day and took about a week recovered totally. Glad that she recovered fast without much discomfort.

Emma was bitten on her right arm by her classmate in school. Unlike me, she took it very well. Teacher said that she didn't cry (my brave girl!). I guess she looks too yummy. It took 3 days to recover from the teeth bite mark.

Diet: There is a change of routine for Emma at ifc after she was promoted to senior infant class. She now takes 1 morning tea (9+am), lunch (11+am) and afternoon snack (3+pm) together with 1 feed of 200ml (2pm) and 1 feed of 160ml (5+pm) at ifc. We give her another 2 feeds of 200ml for the morning (7am) and before bed at home (8pm) together with porridge at 7pm.

As for weekends, we still keep to the old 4hrly routine with the same amount of milk, lunch, dinner and some snacks in between at times.

Gave her a lil bit of egg yolk and so far so good. :) Bought some baby pasta and hope to let her try some soon. Hehe.

Sleep: Emma is doing great for her night sleep. She still sleep and wake up the same time as last month. As for her day, she napped twice. Once in the morning before lunch and the other after afternoon tea break. On weekends when we head out, she usually stay awake and knock off only in the car.

Social/Outing: We brought her to amk park to try out the bucket swing. She seems rather clueless about what's happening. I found out that west coast park also has bucket swings, we shall try it again next time!

Had quite a number of gatherings and celebrations! We celebrated father's day and did up a card for Emma to pen down wishes when she grows up. Haa. We also celebrated Dad and grandma's birthday!

We are overjoyed to welcome baby Laurent to CHAOS family ;) Thank God for a smooth delivery and healthy baby! I pray for speedy recovery for Dawn mummy and may the Lord continue to shower this family with lots of love, joy and peace!

Activities: Emma  is getting playful, easily amused and baby talks quite a bit. She is now interacting with babies from 10 to 18 months at the senior infant bay. There are bars around the playarea and she gets to cruise around. At home, she would hold on the sofa and tv console for support and moving about. She is still very active, crawling and cruising everywhere.

She usually plays with toys like shape blocks, stacking bowls and soft toys at home. Lately started a new trick by hiding her shape blocks under the sofa.

I started reading with her daily and we have just completed the old testament of the bible story book. Thanks to Qiao Ping for remembering that I was looking for one and bought us one from Hong Kong. It is easy to read, colourful and bilingual. She also enjoys flipping the hardboard books like brown bear and the hungry caterpillar.

Milestones: Emma called papa! and I'm still waiting for that special day when she starts calling mama. Another two teeth has cut out and thankfully no fever this round ;) She has learnt to shake her head and will keep on shaking (even harder) when she sees that it makes us laugh. She is able climb up to the sofa using my thigh as a stepping stone. Her limbs are certainly getting stronger.

Emma has gained more control over her hands and arms. She could hold her milk bottle but i think she is prefer lying in our arms and be fed. Other than clapping and waving, she now points alot, shakes hands, gives high 5, reaches out and quickly withdraw her hands to bluff us, opens/closes her hands to sign star and throws her arms in the air & cheers.

Postpartum: I was very depressed with all the mummy's guilt after the biting incident. Even though it is common and the bite didn't cut the skin, I still couldn't accept such things to happen to Emma. I spoke to the principal to raise my concern and her main point brought across was that the teachers couldn't eye on all the babies at all time. Besides, she also said that there isn't a possibility to lower the teacher-student ratio. The only thing that they could do was to watch that boy.

It took days for me for me to recover and hubby reminded me to trust God for protection. I happened to flip the bible story book that we had just received and the story of Daniel spoke to me. God has protected Daniel from the lions and we need to trust that he will do the same for Emma.

To my surprise, an old teacher who has been away for months came back on the next school day. Good to see that there is additional help even though the roster might still work out to be the same teacher-student ratio. At least, the teachers get more rest. It has been a month at senior infant bay and so far she seems to enjoy it.

I'm planning to wean off after Emma turns 1 and I hope that the transition to formula milk will be smooth. In the meantime, I am still researching and requesting sample for the different brands.

Ok, I can't be happier, I have shared, announced and blogged about my graduation! I am finally free from school!! :) And now I just going to see where and how God leads me.


Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord, my soul, and not forget not is benefits. Psalm 103:1-2

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