Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Emma's toddlerhood #4

It's amazing to see how a helpless baby transform into an active toddler. As I looked back at Emma's younger photos, I can't help but to keep thinking that time really flies. I am really thankful for the journey so far and I just want to treasure all that I could. Let's see how much Emma has grown over the past 1 month!

Statistics: Emma is 8.8kg at 16th month. Wow. Her hair is growing well and is finally long enough for a mini clip. I can't wait to tie her hair!

Health: She just got her 2 bottom molars and is now having 12 teeth now! 8 more to go! We came back from gold coast and forgot about her MMR jab and so we decided to postpone it till after the festive season. I totally dread that jab.

Sad to say, Emma fell off the bed for the very first time and had bleeding gum. I felt really bad as I failed to catch her in time. The gum was rather sensitive and bled when she gently knocked it over the 3 days. Glad that she is all well now. She also have quite bad insects bites on her legs and I find that her bites usually turn into bumps that take some time too recover. Hope that the scars would lighten really soon.

Diet: She is still on the same routine but we exposed her to more different type of food. She had some taste of yakult, raisin bread and strawberry cake. She self feed puffs, bread and apples. It is getting harder to get her sit in high chair for long and we are still working on it. We are trying very hard to avoid the "running after to feed her" approach. I thought she was sick of porridge and gave her rice for a few days but she didn't really eat much. Thus, I switch back to porridge and add in more ingredients to make it a little more tasty.

Sleep: Bedtime is still 9pm. She has been sleeping through more regularly but still wake up once a while in the middle of the night. Her weekend naps are still 1-2 times depending on the activities of the day and she loves to sleep in the carseat while we are on the go.

Social/Outing: A month back from Gold Coast and we headed to JB for our first church retreat as a family. It has been a total different experience as I couldn't really get to sit in all the sermons but Hubby did. However, I am still glad that we went ahead and we had great time meeting all the church members from the main church (400+ members!) and Hubby get to learn more about revelations.

We celebrated Wan Xin's, Bro's, Mum, Mother-in-law and Father-in-law's birthday too! Year end are always full of celebrations!

Activities/Milestones: Our little toddler is walking much faster and over longer distance. We bought her new shoes as her little feets are growing fast! She could walk up steps without support but she usually hold on to the wall for support. She also learnt to stand on her tiptoes and kick stuffs around.

She is also getting more playful. She starts to enjoy the playground, especially those ride and see-saw. She had her first swim (walk) in the baby pool. It was such great fun that she refused to leave the pool. She sit on hubby shoulders and on our tummy for a horse ride. Emma is a sociable baby and she loves waving hello to people. She also enjoys playing with other kids. She imitates a lot now. There are once she started crawling (she rarely crawls now) when she saw other baby crawling.

She is rather good at pasting and removing stickers (and the tape on her thumb). She doodles and erases the mag doodle board well. She has also just started to play with her soft toys. She would bring them to sit with her and bottle feed them.

I am pretty impressed by how she could understand and follow some of our instructions like to ask her to keep her toys, wait in the lift, say hello, hug and kiss. She wipe her mouth using wet wipes and soap her arms and tummy at bath. Good night kiss usually turned out to be lots of kisses and hugs. She also celebrate everyone's birthday like it's her own.

She has increasing vocabulary month on month and is making up to about 50 words.

New words: 鱼, 猫, shoes, pig, fish, two, flower, duo (ear), ba (mouth), "iloveyou" (in one word), bowl, dora, there, kor kor, jie jie, mei mei, di di, xie xie, ta ta (beat) and Emma !

She learnt new songs - London bridge is falling down, and she will hold on to both of our hands when she hear the song and - itchy wincy spider, she will put her fingers together and move them upwards. She recognized the kettle on the picture and pour the "kettle" over a small cup at play. She also sign pig by pinching her nose, crocodile by bringing her hand to her mouth (to mimick eating) and pull her ear when ask where is her ear.

There was a 1+ weeks of crankiness where she doesn't want to be left alone and only want me to carry her. It was right after our trip and I guessed she was having post holiday blues and just couldn't adjust back. Thank goodness she is back to her normal self with some little tantrum here and there.

Mummy’s update: Almost a month into the new job and I am thankful that things have been going well. Hubby bought me an iphone as a surprise advance Christmas gift. I think the camera is much more responsive and capture photos much faster than Samsung S4. It is much easier to take Emma's photos now! 

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