Friday, January 30, 2015

Being Joyful in life + DIY Colourful Notebook

It's sometimes the smallest little things that will make or break your day. I have quite a dramatic day at work but I'm thankful that the day eventually went well! 


Have you ever felt so unpeaceful (yes - i googled, there is this word) when there is just one small thing that went off track even though everything was perfect? I did, today. 

Something happened in the morning and i was affected for a very short while. I fought with the little devil in me and prayed for peace to fill my heart. And now, I am glad that I have overcame the negative voice in myself and saved my day.

So, here I am reminding myself to always be joyful and live my life with faith, prayers & thanksgiving. 


Have you ever felt so joyful because of one small thing? I did, today. 

I helped my colleague saved $12! She wanted to buy 7 coloured notebooks with blank pages for her son and they cost $14. It's probably in my blood, I asked her why not make the notebooks yourself? She and another colleague stared at me with super blank faces. I must have sound crazy. I assured her that it's easy and I would help her. 

So, she ended up spending just $2 for a stack of coloured papers. After lunch, I gathered all the materials and completed 2 notebooks within 10 mins. It's really easy, she and other colleague managed to do up another 5 in a short while. 

These are the 5 materials needed to complete a notebook in 5 mins!

1. Coloured paper of your choice (preferably at least 120gsm)
2. 20 pieces of white papers
3. A stapler
4. An eraser
5. A scissor

Another 5 easy steps and you will get a lovely 80-pages notebook!

1. Fold the coloured paper and white papers into half (do it in pieces of 5-8 so that it will be nicely folded) 

2. To make a saddle stitch, place the coloured paper above the white papers and an eraser below the white paper.

3. Open up the stapler like the 2nd photo below and push it from the coloured paper through the stack and against the eraser. 

4. Remove the stapler and eraser. 

5. Lastly, use a scissor to push the protruding staple bullet down. And you're done!

For mummies with schooling kids, why not get your kids to do these with you and have them decorate the simple books over the weekends! My colleague did one for each subject to encourage her rather stressed up Sec 1 son to take more notes! I'm sure they will be more motivated to write in their personalised notebook.

And as my best friend suggested, we can do this personalised books as gifts too! Throw in some photos, wordings/names and explore different materials.

Happy crafting!


Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. - Philippians 4:6 

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