Sunday, February 15, 2015

Emma's toddlerhood #6

Emma wishes all an advance "Blessed Chinese New Year"!

It's her 2nd CNY and I'm sure she will have a fun time visiting all family and friends!

Last year, I also dressed her up like a big ang bao (red packet) but she was totally clueless about what's happening. And fast forward to this year, she replied "美美" when I asked "美美吗?" after putting on the dress for her. Oh, my lil vain pot!

She is more aware of what she wants and learning to communicate with us. Many a times, she will speak a one word like "more", "milk", "there", "No", "抱", "坐" or nod/shake in response to our questions like she really understands.

Statistics: Emma's weight dropped to 9kg as she rejected food when we were at Bali. She just got her canines out and didn't really want to eat much. She merely just drank, ate some fruits, rice (few mouthful), eggs, bread and biscuits for the first 3 days. Thankfully she is back on track now as she started to eat more solid-solid.

Health: She had cough and runny nose for weeks but was still behaving like normal. We brought her to PD as she was taking too long to recover. Then the next day after the PD, she had fever and rashes at her butt (that started the night before). The school suspected that she had HFMD as there were 2 other kids who just got it.

We brought her to PD and she couldn't confirm her condition as she didn't have ulcers and blisters in her mouth and limbs. So, she asked us to monitor. Emma's fever continued for 1.5 days till the late night before we flew off. We prayed and agreed that we would continue with our trip if her fever stopped the next morning.

Her fever shot up to 38.8 in the middle of the night and we gave her paracetamol. It eventually went off on the morning we were to fly. There were no more newly developed rashes since her fever started. So, we suspected that it was her teeth that were behind all these as she had 2 new upper canines. We then asked Emma if she wants to go Bali and she nodded each time we asked her. Thus, we took a leap of faith and continue with our trip.

Diet: Emma still takes 4 milk feeds, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. There is a slight change on timing of her milk feed. She takes her afternoon milk at 12.45pm instead of 2pm after lunch at 11.15am.

She refused to eat porridge since she got her canines. It was also about the time she started her playgroup. There is quite a variety of food over at the playgroup. They eat Hor Fun, Macaroni, Yee-Mee, Mee Tai Mak, Noodle, Mee Hoon, fishball, crabstick and I certainly need to work more on my cooking! She also started to eat chicken.

It has been a week since I started cooking rice with boiled/steamed dishes soup for her meals on weekday nights and weekends. I am still figuring out how to work around the time and put in a good routine/system.

Since last month, she has been feeding herself when we were out eating. The mess is so far controllable as I give her small portion of the food in her bowl so she won't spill everything out.

Sleep: Emma dropped her morning nap and napped once a day from 1pm - 3pm in school. She is usually tired by noon and knocks off quickly after her afternoon milk.

Emma still sleep around 9pm. She takes her dinner at 7pm, milk at 8.30pm then wipe down before bed. Hubby is still putting her to bed on most days! Hurray! She sleeps well on most days and wakes up once on some days. Either of us, mostly Hubby, will go and pat her back to sleep. There are some dreadful days when she wakes up several times. We guessed she dreamt or played too much the day before.


Social/Outing: Emma had her 3rd oversea trip to Bali! She is so sociable/friendly and go around waving hi to people. Will share more about the trip in another post!

We also visited my grandma on a weekend. She would have more times with more family members and friends during CNY!

Activities/Milestones: Emma started playgroup earlier than planned on 2 Feb. The school thought she was ready and didn't need to wait till she hit 18 months. They had her over for a few hours in Jan and she did fine! I feel that she is enjoying and learning so much over there. She is back to being the youngest at the group and I wish that she learn good stuffs from the big brothers and sisters.

Her sucking habit has improved after we dabbed chili but she has not kicked it totally. There are some time she could sleep without her thumb. These days she likes to place her finger on her lip when she is sleepy.

She surprised me by praying (watch video here). She is so aware of things happening around her and now pose for camera and come to check the photo. She loves birds, wants to see birds every single day. Peekaboo is still her favourite. She pushes me when I was sitting into the bedroom and went out to play peekaboo with me. She also enjoys playing with water.

She loves the playgrounds and takes slide down by herself. She climbs up stairs with support. She loves to dance and turn (spin) around. She also imitates well - like squatting, swing her hands. Nothing seems secured these days and things get misplaced frequently as she learnt to open washing machine door and kitchen/shoes cabinets door. She could also put the letter board up standing, line up the books on the floor and clean the floor!

She feeds her soft toys, play with finger puppets, put things inside her clothes, click and unclick ballpoint pen, form a irregular circle with her fingers. She still enjoys reading books and playing with bowl and spoon.

She is learning to communicate. She talks to us using single words like "milk", "there", "bye". She has learnt new words: dirty, door, drum, gu gu (舅舅), egg, purple, pink, blue, throw, touch, take, pear, wet, py (happy), 痛痛, frog and guava. She completes more songs - bible song 我, row row row your boat with row, boat and merrily, 每日读经 with 长长长,

There are also new actions like swiping her hands for dirty/don't want, 辣辣, close her eyes when asked to, point to her nose, elbow and pull her ears. She identifies cat, cow, chicken, crocodile, chair, carrot, clothes (pull her clothes), deer, dance, elephant, fan, feet, frog and a few more - actually 90% of the pictures on her learning boards.

She is showing a bit of character these days. She cries and throw her temper when she wouldn't get what she wants. She also bit a student over toys. She has also learnt to throw things for play.

Mummy’s update: This month seems to be pretty balanced up even down I was down with sore throat for some time! I think I got it from Emma.

I got a break to Bali, meet up with girlfriends, went for my overdue facial and did hair treatment. I am also squeezing in some time to do some art crafts and blog more often! I have also linked up with 33 mummies to share about "15 things that I will do differently in 2015" on CNY eve. :)

Thanks to Hubby for putting Emma to bed so that I get some extra time. We also managed to watch some movies! Big Hero 6 is fabulous! As for work, it has been generally well with some crazy days.


For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self discipline. - 2 Timothy 1:7

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