Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Aquafresh Kids: Time to brush, dance and hum the way to better oral care!!


Mummy, where's my snack? Did you give me a toothbrush by mistake?

No, Emma, Mummy just wants you to sit still and practise some brushing.

Oh! wait wait... ... please let me squeeze out some toothpaste first!

Emma enjoys "brushing" (more like biting the toothbrush) on her own but I haven't been very disciplined in getting it down on our daily routine. 

With 14 tiny pearly teeth all settled in and a wide variety of food that Emma is taking, I better start proper brushing daily. I learnt that 
it's necessary to take care of the milk teeth even though the milk teeth will eventually fall off, they play an important role to allow the permanent teeth to come through healthy and strong. Besides, the milk teeth have thinner enamel and are vulnerable to decay. 

I decided to give Aquafresh First Teeth a try as it's non-artificially flavored/coloured, flouride-free and safe for babies to swallow. I also replaced her old mini toothbrush with the Aquafresh Milk Teeth Toothbrush (suitable for 0-2 years old). She loves it! It's colourful, soft and gentle on the gums. 

Emma was a little apprehensive at the first taste of the apple-banana flavored toothpaste as she has never tried one before. After toying with the tube for a while, she finally attempted to brush using the toothbrush (with paste) again. 

Ok, I'm ready! Did I get it right?

So, we are now all set for our daily brush time and better brushing habits! How about your little ones?

You can now stand a chance to win a one year supply of Aquafresh Kids products for your little ones just by entering the Facebook/Instragram photo contest. Please refer to for T&C's.

I'm sure many of you have heard of Aquafresh and will be glad to know that they have launched a new Aquafresh Kids range (see contest photo above). In addition to the hot selling First Teeth toothpaste (3-24 months), there are other 2 other toothpastes - Little Teeth (3-5 years old) and My Big Teeth (6 years old and above). 

I'm all in for safe and age-appropriate oral care products! These 3 types of toothpastes have different stage propositions for children of different age groups and specifically designed to meet each child's oral care needs.  Both newly launched toothpastes have latest improved formulation with sugar acid protection to help strong and healthy children's teeth growth.

Next, I've another good news to many! The First Teeth toothpaste has been repackaged and is back on shelves after running out of stock some time back.

Here's the old familiar packaging.
While it now has a new look, it's still the same great product that parents have trusted for many years.

Oral care is important to everyone and especially to the little one! For those who have a hard nut and always got to put up a fight during brush time, you should check out the creative way to encourage brushing over at the "Brush Time" app

The simple yet interesting activities/games in this app really bring more fun to brushing! 

Come join us brush, dance and hum our way to better oral care!

* It's a sponsored post but all the thoughts and opinion are of my own. 


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