Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Emma toddlerhood #8

My past 3 weeks were frantic with planning activities for events/meetings/office move at work along with interviews, photo/video shoots and continuous late night writings for a commercial marketing campaign. Out of my little comfort zone and tiring I would say but these were perfect opportunities of which I'm really thankful of. Besides stretching my limit, I have also gained many invaluable insights and knowledge. 

My list for Emma's 20th month update had been sitting in my phone for weeks and so here I'm with lots to share after clearing the project.

I know I have said it many times! It's getting more challenging but really fun and exciting to see how fast Emma are growing. She's getting more expressive with her emotions running two extreme - super cheerful vs tears and melt down.These days are also filled with many surprises as she picks up things really rapidly. Sometimes, I really wonder if she knows what she was saying as she has been saying too many words. 

Statistics: At 20th month, Emma weighed 9.5kg. She's standing 79cm tall and still marked as 25%tile for her height and weight. Her hair is finally long enough for a mini tie up but she didn't like it. 

Health: A month of good health! After much rescheduling since last Nov, we finally had her last set of vaccination: 5-in-1 and MMR 2nd dose. She had a night of raised temp after injection but recovered the next day. Her next vaccination will be after her 3rd birthday

Her lower right canine cut out a little. Now, Emma has now 16 teeth so another 4 to go. We still need to work on brushing. She suddenly fears nail clipping and keep saying pain when clipping. Does anyone has any good solution? 

Diet: Little princess of changes doesn't like rice these days (though she eats them in school!). So, she has been eating bee tai mak (favourite!), pasta, udon, egg omelette with rice and porridge (on some days). She refused greens for a while but is back to eating certain green these days. She still loves her soups and apples. In short, she can be a little fickle minded at times and loves to pick her food.  

Sleep: Doing great with her sleep and down from 9pm to 7am. Emma's a pretty light sleeper so mornings are usually very silent with her room door closed. However, there are still a few mornings that she decided to wake up at the same time as me.

Social/Outing: It's a fun and eventful month! We joined the church at chalet for a fellowship and we brought my parents along. Hubby and my Dad went for a dip with Emma. We also have good friends over for a visit and Emma did some workouts with them. haha. Besides, Emma got a chance to pop by my office while I finished up some work on the day when her infant centre is closed.

Then on the Good Friday public holiday, we had a heritage tour around the old tanjong pagar railway station, it was a nice place for a morning walk and it's only opened for visit on public holidays. In addition, we also visited the Marina Square and West Coast Plaza to take a look at their Dinosaurs and Animals balloon sculpture. Those animals at West Coast Plaza were impressive!


Water play and dress up are her few favourite. Other times, she does alot of random things. Her motor skills have surely improved tremendously. I must say that she is rather persistent in trying out new stuff. 

Like an independent girl, she wants to do things by herself: wipe furniture and tables, squeeze dry wet handkerchief, wear shoes and clothes by herself, buckle her high chair seat belt, slot key into key hole, keep coloured pencils, take milk powder and milk bottle from bag for me to make milk, sort shapes, use fork, lift up bowl for me to wipe table, open zip, place book at above shoe cabinet and use colour pencil to draw her hands. 

She is also learning to follow instructions. For instances when we ask her to take/put things and when I sing "if you are happy and you know then you..", she could do and say the actions and words like  clap, stamp feet or say amen, hello,. 

On the other hand, she can be a small terror and go against all instructions. It's especially so for the car seat. She recently learnt to straighten her back (and become a stick) when we try to put her in. She also wail and/or lie on the floor when she can't get what she wants. For a period, she likes to bite her lips and play with her saliva. I think she is just gaining control over her tongue to push the water out of her mouth. 

Our little chatterbox can follow syllabus by syllabus to say many words. She managed to repeat simple prayers after me, sing along many songs eg. 云上太阳 and complete some words in the books. She is certainly talking as there are many words that she can say without much prompting. She is also stringing words together like: Row boat and 爸爸来. 

She has unlocked a long list of words last month: Hui hui, poo poo, go, stop, count in english even numbers, big, small, fall, down, good (and thumb up sign), floor, soap, all, town, put, oh o, huh, counting in chinese (2, 5, 8, 10), sock, eat, here, prise (surprise), key, drop, bit (rabbit), hot, drop, wah, please, box, cuit (biscuit), Ha chew, 饱饱, 怕怕, 臭臭, 我们. In addition, she could also signs 1-5 and a cross (when I said 十字架). 

She now runs a little, able to sit crossed legged and dances!

Mummy's update:

I had my fringe trimmed when I went for my hair treatment and it's bangs again. I'm trying hard to resist cutting them short as I'm not sure if my hair will be tame with the current texture. 

On another note, Hubby and I finally had our first baby-free date for the year! We sent Emma to infant care on a Sat morning and went for a movie - Divergent 2. I love the story both Part 1 & 2. Looking forward to a few more this year! I've also attended a primary school's friend's wedding and happy to hear that there are more wedding bells to come. 

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