Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#FrisoMoment - Friso Experience More Together II !

Life, like bubbles, is short and beautiful. 
Time is fast - no replay, no rewind. So, enjoy every moment as it comes along... 

We ventured out of our little comfort zone called bathroom and took our usual water play outdoor. We have a private "backyard" in between our unit and stairs, so it's certainly a perfect space for Emma to get wet without feeling chilly. 

A tub filled with water and plastic toys is all she needs! Bubbles are bonus!

Look at how fascinated she is over the bubbles and even attempted to blow out some. 

She loves to dip her hands into the water to grab the toys and splash around. 

It's also a fun way to introduce words, counting and colours to her as I get her to name out the items like duck, ball and star. So, it's usually a very noisy session couple with water splashes and laughter.

Daddy joined in and tried hard to escape Emma's splashing. 

It somehow turned out a little violent. I've totally no idea what this girl was thinking at that time...

....But one thing I'm know for sure - she had an awesome time!

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