Monday, May 18, 2015

Emma's toddlerhood #9

How interesting is it when the school teachers always shared that Emma is doing well. She seems like a perfect little girl who eat, play and sleep without much problems. However, there is a different side of her that she only shows to us like crying fits and picking on food. Lately has been slightly better as she is able to communicate more. However, Emma's certainly growing up to be a strong minded girl. 

Adding on, Emma is also very loving and sweet girl who enjoy giving hugs, kisses, pats, giving hi-fives and hellos. She loves to call out Pa Pa and Ma Ma affectionately and loudly. As she learns to have a mind of a own, I pray that we will also learn to teach and handle her. 

Statistics: At 21 month, Emma is still at 9.5kg but she somehow feel much heavier than before (I remember seeing the scale hit 10kg once after her dinner) as I'm suffering from backaches for few weeks. After a long procrastination, she finally had a hair trim - a shorter and neater bob with bang, by her grandmother.

Health: Emma's all well except for a few days of fever. She recovered after two small portion of pearl powder in her milk. Her lower right canine is still taking her own sweet time to cut out fully.


Diet: Her diet and meal timings remain the same. I'm hoping to let avoid feeding her "outside" food that is very oily and high in sugar and salt content for as long as I could. However, I just started to use a little of olive oil to cook some of her food at home. The food served in school uses small amount of oil and seasoning so reckon that it's fine if she eats them in moderation. She also had her first few mouthful of chocolate cake off my place "secretly" and she likes it.

Sleep: She is doing great. Instead of having Hubby prayed with her alone, we've included a family prayers, hugs and kisses to Emma's bedtime routine.

Social/Outing: CHAOS gave a surprise birthday celebration for me when we went to Xue Mei's lovely nest for housewarming. I also celebrated with my parents and brother before we had our own birthday dinner. That's when Emma practised her candle blowing and birthday song.

We also celebrated Mothers' Day with our both parents and church. Emma gave me a greatest gift by wishing me Happpy Mothers' Day and kiss.

Apart from all the celebrations, we brought Emma on a playdate cum indoor playground review at Giggles with Dawn's family. We all had great fun. Read out review here.


Like a shoeaholic, she let off a loud "wow" when she entered the shoe shop and started browsing the shoes. She then chose one to wear and placed the own back on the shelves.  She also chooses her clothes and sometimes don't want to change out of her old clothes. At this rate, she seems to be growing up to be more vain than me.

Other than dressing up, soft toys are her another love. She recognised their names, played with them and loves to hug and kiss them. She even tried to put the hands of her rabbit together when we were praying before bed.

With great improvement to her motor skills, Emma learnt to knock on the door, close the drawer using her butts, drag chair, run and shrieked with her eyes closed. She is working on her fine motor skills as well and now able to unscrew container/tube caps, colouring and did finger painting,

She talks and understands more words without prompting: no (her latest favourite), face (lian), mine (and claim things as hers), scare, wear, rain, owl, oh no, wear shoes, say more numbers (1-10) in both Chinese and English. We also taught her to follow words after us like mu qin jie kuai le, happy birthday, happy mothers' day, zao an (morning). Besides, she's learning many other sounds like faked cries with action, roar, gurgle/spit out water (after brushing) and blow candle (hooo).

Most of the laughing/smiling photos are taken by chance as in she usually don't smile when asked to and we got to do/say funny things to make her laugh. However, she is now picking up and practising how to smile when I asked her to. Here's one with her awkward yet funny smile. I can't wait for her to smile nicely. haha.

Mummy's Update: We gave a baby-free date another shot. It's Avengers 2 this time round. We totally enjoyed the show. In addition, I had another hair treatment - I'm trying hard to schedule them in regularly to salvage my failing hair.


Another 3 months to her "Terrific" 2! It's just getting more and more exciting!

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