Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Giggles Indoor Playground + Water Wonderland

Hi Everyone!

It's me on Mummy's blog again! Today, I'm introducing you to Mr Giggles, my new friend whom I met a few weeks ago at Giggles Indoor Playground and Giggles Water Wonderland. 

Mr Giggles is really cute and cheery so I asked Mummy to give me a pair of bunny ears too! How do I look with them on?


Upon arrival, a friendly uncle took a photo of me and asked Mummy to fill up an online registration form on a ipad. It's nice to have the uncle and aunties knowing and calling me Emmalyn instead of "your girl" or "your child".

Together with my adorable playmate Laurent (and our parents, of course!), we explored the various part of the exciting fun land! Here's a group photo of us with the 2 of us wanting to quickly continue our play. 

Enough said, let's the real joy begins! 

1. Water Wonderland

Giggles Water Wonderland is the latest extension to the Giggles Indoor Playground where we immersed in creative water play. 

Laurent and I had splashing good times at the Giggles River.

Kids being kids, we all love water play! It's fun and I got to practise my gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination by scooping and pouring water. I also played with the boats and fishes.

Other than the Giggles River, there are also Big Waterplay Watercourse, Mini Pool and a ship. 

Can you spot the crane at the back of the photo below? That's the Big Waterplay Watercourse with movable crane, boats, figurine and building blocks.

Over at the mini pool, we played with various sensory balls, boats and water animals like ducks and squid. I'm scared of the red squid but they just love to bring them close to scare me. Water in the pool is kept shallow so those who wants to can walk within the pool.

Finally, it's time to crawl out to explore other areas. Oops, I think Mummy can't fit in. 

Haha, I'm just joking. That's part of the ship so Mummy walked out from the ship instead.

2.  Party Room 

Next, we headed next door to the bright and colourful party room that is filled with mats, big blocks, giant balls, gymnastics ring handles and a swing! It looks like a nice place for party and free play! 

Tell you all a secret, I'm actually scared to sit on the swing. So, I just helped to push brave Laurent.

Ehmm, but why didn't it move?

I think I better start to train harder.

Ahh, quick run!! Daddy wanted to attack me.

Phew, safe! I was fast enough to hide behind the giant ball!

3. Multi-Sensory Room

Moving on to the next room - Multi-Sensory Room. Stimulating yet relaxing, this place creates a special environment by having bubble tubes, projector, aromatherapy scent, tactile walls with variety of texture, mirrors and a shelf of toys for us to play.

While allowing us to spend time together with our Daddy and Mummy, it also helps all of us to relax and de-stress. 

The bubble tubes surely have great soothing and calming effects. I somehow got down on my tummy and feel at peace. 

4. Giggles Indoor Playground

But no, I didn't sleep away, it just got more exciting! At the entrance of the indoor playground, I shook off Mummy's hand and dashed ahead.

There are so many more activities. I was first greeted by a large orange arch SONA - the first interactive play system in Singapore where we could jump around on the numbers and shapes.

Behind it, there is an activity tower for climbing, balancing, rock climbing and slides.

Of all, Laurent and I plunged straight to the ball pit! 

Look at the rainbow coloured balls!! We are like in a pool of skittles!

After some swimming around the ball pit, I went on to try out other activities like walking/balancing on the wavy walkway and slides.

That was not the end yet! 

We continued playing at the toys area and had some car rides. 

I then surprised Mummy by grabbing a train rail and fixed it on another! She looked really impressed. 

Time to say good bye

After 2+ hours of continuous play, we finally called it a day. We had a whale of a time! It's never a single boring moment as there are a wide variety of activities to do. The uncle and aunties working there are very friendly, helpful and great play companions. They even helped me and other children with the activities. It's definitely a great place for young kids like me.

By then, our batteries went almost flat (I think the Daddies and Mummies too!) and it was time for some recharge - snack for me and sleep for Laurent.

Before I end off, I like to thank Lady Boss Faith and her friendly staff for inviting us over. In addition, Giggles has kindly extended special promotions (valid till 31 Jul 2015) for you! 

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3. Enjoy 10% discount off birthday party packages. 

Check out their website or facebook for the rates and more details.

As the saying goes, play gives children a chance to practise what they are learning. So, come join Mr Giggles for great fun, exercise and learning! I hope you'd have a great time like us!

Oh ya, don't forget to check Mummy Dawn's blog to read more about our enjoyable playdate and more cute photos of Laurent!

With love, 


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