Thursday, June 11, 2015

Barney's Jukebox Party 'Live' on Stage @ City Square Mall

Emma learnt her first Barney's song "I love you, you love me" in school few months back and she loves to give a great big hug and smacking kiss towards the end of the song. I'm sure this is one of the favourite song for many kids!

So, I thought it's great opportunity to introduce the big purple dinosaur to her in "person". A day before the barney show, Emma caught the cartoon on the TV and I taught her how to say Barney. It didn't take long for her to learn that word and she kept saying BAR-NEY! (in super high-pitch) whenever she saw one at City Square Mall. 

Mummy, where is BAR-NEY?!!!!

Together with my sister-in-law's and Mama Dawn's family, we set off for a fun-filled retrolicious afternoon. It was my family's first show at the mall and I thought we better be there 30 mins earlier since it's a free show opened to public. But little did we know that Barney's so popular and the "seats" were already filling up fast. There are even some families up on the 2nd floor.

Thankfully, we managed to get some "seats" at the last row and had quite a nice view of the stage. While waiting, Emma had some snack, played with her older cousin (and his barney soft toy) and swayed along with the Barney's songs. 

Finally, a highly energetic and bubbly host/dancer/singer appeared with a box of jukebox discs and kicked start the party!

Barney came out after the imagination theme song and the kids got so high!

The crowd cheered as we welcomed B.J!

& Baby Bop! Looks like each of them have their own fans!

Throughout the 15 mins show, Emma was totally amazed and captivated.

They sang her favourite song - wheels on the bus!

...and many beautiful songs. Can you see the little fans at the front of the stage? They were singing and dancing along!

Emma pointed at the dinos, did some simple actions and clapped as she enjoyed the dance and songs performance.

Did I mention that I grow up with Barney and love to watch their cartoons when I was young? In fact, I enjoyed myself like the rest of the kids.

The party ended off with another Emma's favourite - I love you and you love me! I like how they sent the kids high high up to the sky and brought them down with the gentle good bye song. That's certainly a perfect closure for an awesome performance!

After the show, we got on stage for a meet & greet session and took a family photo with all of them! Emma can't get her eyes off them and her cousins - one held tightly to Baby Bop and the other seems to be a wee upset that she didn't get right next to the big Barney.

We headed to the outdoor carnival with Mama Dawn's family while my sister's in law's family went to chill inside the mall. Just before we left, we were surprised that they were waiting for the 2nd show at 7pm and have secured some front rows for the next show. They just can't get enough of Barney & friends and even went for another meet & greet session!

With a minimum spending of $60*, shoppers can redeem an exclusive pass for the Meet & Greet session and a carnival ticket one hour prior to each show. Limited to 50 sets per show.

Good Ole Fun In the Park

Out at the Good Ole Fun In the Park, there were many old school fun fair activities like games booth, pirate ship, bumble cars, tea cup ride, carousel and inflatables slides. Given that it's a small carnival, I find that it has a great mix of activities and I'm certain that it'd be more exciting, cooling and "blink-ly" at night.

Laurent and Emma are never too young for any fun! While most the of the carnival games & rides are more suitable for older kids like my nephew, there are some relaxing rides for the young ones.

We went for the carousel. It's Emma's 2nd time up on the carousel and she still seems a little wary of the ride.

"Choo Choo!!", Emma shouted excitedly when she saw the train!! With a firm nod, she said "yes" when asked if she like to take the train.

We'd a ticket to the train ride and went to queue for it. However, poor Emma didn't know that we were in for the next round and started crying because the train left without her. Funny girl! Meanwhile, Laurent, being very nice, was trying hard to cheer her up.

The train came back after a few rounds and Emma hopped on it happily. Instead of sitting on my lap or standing up, she insisted to sit by herself like a big girl. Thus, she got to peek out like this throughout the ride. haha. On the train, we sang along to songs like "head & shoulder, knees & toes" and attempted to take some videos on Go-Pro.

It's certainly an exciting and fun afternoon for the little ones. Emma was talking non-stop after we left the mall and she kept counting 1-10 on the car ride. She repeated more than 5 times and even had to tell herself to stop counting (see the funny video here). 

* Barney & Friends Colouring Booklet Printable *

These days she get so happy and called out BAR-NEY! when she see Barney stuff. Thus, I did up a simple Barney & Friends colouring booklet for her. Somehow, she loves to colour their eyes!

Here's the template if you like to print a copy, I printed them in A4 double page and folded them A5 booklet (here's how I do up a booklet).

Let's Get Groovy at City Square Mall

Come rock and roll to a super fun retro live show with Barney & Friends, a retro carnival, other fringe activities and a slew of exciting deals for the whole family.

I'm sure there are many Barney's fan around who are looking forward to meet them! Check out or City Square Mall's Facebook page for more details and head down to City Square Mall for some fun soon!

Last but not lest, thank you City Square Mall & its organisers for the invitation and setting up such a wonderful event!


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