Friday, June 12, 2015

Live Love Laugh (Part 2) by Cloud Production Sg

Dear Emmalyn

While you are deep in your la-la land, Mummy is feeling all emotional looking at all the precious photos taken by Cloud Productions and saddened by the loss of many lives lately.

You're no longer a baby and we should stop calling you one! Over the past 22 months, you've grown so much and I'm still amazed at how God has created you and how much you have grown each day. 

Not too long ago, you were just a small and helpless baby -  full of coos and toothless smiles. One who struggled long on your tummy, you used all your might to push yourself forward. I'll never forget the moment when you lighted up and crawled as quickly as you can towards me at the time I went to pick you up from school. 

From crawling to sitting up to pulling yourself to stand and taking the first step, I saw how persevering and patient you are. In fact, you leopard crawled for more than 3 months before you could crawl on fours. With our little encouragement and cheer, you hardly cry when you fail but just kept trying and finally made your first step before you turned 1.

Time flew, it has been nearly 10 months since you walked and I'm thankful to see how you take off, fly and soar.

It took us much effort to watch over and protect you like a mother hen when you started cruising and walking. Believe me, life with a new walking toddler isn't easy. I'm glad things are getting a little easier as you get more stable and independent. You now walk, run and dance with great freedom and we know we can't hold on to your hands forever. It's not easy to let go as you grow older but we are learning to trust the hands of God to protect and lead you. 

These days, I love to stand by the side and watch how you explore and conquer your little world. You never fail to surprise us with small little things like new words and actions. Day by day, I give thanks that you are healthy, cheerful and growing well.

I'm happy to say that you've inherited one of Daddy's great traits. You're observant and have eagle eyes for many stuffs. You learnt as you watched the world goes by and never afraid to ask. You spot ants, run to us and said "ants, scared", call out lizard and ask it to come. You impressed me by pointing to the real key at the door when I expected you to point to the picture on the board.

I'm not kidding when I said that you are a little vainpot. Your love for dresses and shoes causes some headache for us as it sometimes takes many attempts to change you out of your favourite clothes and you like to choose what to wear. You go a little wild each time you see shoes and always try to get your little feet in.

I can't believe that we're just 2 months away from your 2nd birthday! While you are all ready to sing a birthday song, blow the candles and cut the cake, we (or more of I) are not so ready to let you go. 

From time to time, I always look back at your old photos/videos and reminisce the sweet moment. It's a joy to watch you grow and I'm glad that these memories (and more to come) are beautifully captured. One day, I wish all these would become your treasure like they are to me. One day, I wish you will look back and give thanks for how God has led and provided us.

As we walk this journey of faith, may we live, love and laugh our way through and create more wonderful memories! 

With love,

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