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My Journey, My Home - SG50 Commemorative EZ-Link Cards

Emma seems too young to understand anything about SG50 national day but she surely recognises our national flag. To mark the Golden Jubilee, she learnt how to say Singapore and mastered different ways to "raise" our national flag!

1. Hold the flag with your hand and swing it around!

.... 2. Put it on a stand and let it fly high!

or 3. Pose with it like a proud Singaporean!

As she grows older, I do hope she can learn more about how Singapore has come this far and be a true proud Singaporean.

Remembering Our Roots

How would Singapore be like in the future? This was a project topic threw to my class when I was back in school more than 10 years ago and I'm believe many of you got it too.

After some brainstorming, my group mates and I spent hours at the void deck doing up the model on a big styrofoam board. We built tall buildings, greens and pools using cardboard, plasticine, ice cream sticks, glue and markers. Since Singapore (and the board) has limited land space, we set our plan upwards and built in garden, sports facilities and swimming pool at the roof top. What a great vision! We totally nailed it and I now regretted not having a photo of it then! 

Like how Singapore has transformed over the past 50 years, I'm certain that there will be more exciting changes ahead. Apart from embracing all these growth and development, I think it's equally important to remember our roots. It'll be hard for the future generations to experience or imagine the life in the past and understand what the nation went through to achieve such stability.

Building The Future Generation

However, we, as parents, can do our part by sharing stories and anecdotes of the past to our children.

To make our story telling more interesting, we can use drawings, photos, books, videos or art craft to give a clearer illustration. It would be also exciting to show some limited edition collection like stamps, phone cards, coins, magnet, dollar notes or even ez-link cards!

My Journey, My Home

In celebration of SG50, EZ-link held a nation-wide card design art competition called "My Journey, My Home". This competition comprised Open Category ran by the National Arts Council (NAC) for the public and the DAS category ran by the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) for its existing and ex-students. 

Of the many beautiful and creative entries of different aspects of Singapore, the following 4 art pieces emerged as the winners!

By Tang Chun Kit Matthew Hubert, 11 years old (DAS Category, aged 12 or below

By William Choo, 15 years old (DAS Category, aged 13 to 25) 

By Neo Hui-Shyan, 11 years old (Open Category, aged 12 or below)

By Nur Amalia Bte Kamal, 16 years old (Open Category, aged 13 to 25)

Aren't they beautiful and special? 

It would be a pity to just have these winning art pieces framed up. Hence, these 4 winning art pieces have been printed onto 200,000 ez-link cards and are now available for sale at TransitLink Ticket Offices island-wide progressively.

Each of the art pieces tell different stories and we can use them to share how Singapore has progressed over the years. Apart from capturing the uniqueness of Singapore through the eyes of its people, this SG50 commemorative EZ-link card series also acts a channel to support children with dyslexia.

EZ-Link will contribute $0.25 to DAS for every card sold, with an aim of raising a total of $50,000 to provide financial assistance to students with dyslexia at the primary and secondary levels from non-MOE funded schools who do not receive MOE grants for DAS programmes.

In addition, this also highlights the ability of children with dyslexia and increases understanding of their learning difference.

It's encouraging to see such great works from these young talent budding artists. I hope the winners, and participants, will continue to unleash their potential, inspire people around and make outstanding contributions to Singapore's future.

Credits: EZ-Link Facebook

If you are up for a good cause or meaningful collectibles, head down quick to your nearest TransitLink Ticket Offices to get these limited edition cards before they get sold out!


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