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Skyline Luge Sentosa - 10-tastic Birthday Celebration

Hubby and I had our first luge ride 8 years back and it felt so special to re-visit one of our dating places with Emma and for Skyline Luge's awesome 10th birthday celebration. To be honest, this is definitely a last place on my mind to bring a 2 year old to as the sky ride looks daunting and luge cart doesn't seems very toddler friendly to me. But, I was so wrong and it turned out to be our most thrilling and enjoyable day outing so far!

More about Skyline Luge

Photo credit: Skyline Luge Sentosa

The Skyline Luge is a three wheeled cart that is a huge hit with adventure activity enthusiasts around the world and Singapore. The first luge site started in 1985 at Rotorua, New Zealand and it is now available in 5 exciting international locations in New Zealand, Canada and Singapore.

Photo credit: Skyline Luge Sentosa/PictureAir

Since the operation of Skyline Luge in Sentosa on 26 Aug 2005, it has unlocked over 10 million rides. That's close to 4,000 Luge rides zooming down their trails every day!

This unique wheeled gravity ride provides riders full control over speed and direction using a unique breaking and steering system. Sounds complicated? Not at all, riders just need to pull or push the hand bars to stop or accelerate the cart as we ride down the trails.

After much modification on the past 3 prototypes over the years, the current luge cart now offers safer and more comfortable rides. The body, brake drums and wheels have been carefully designed to enhance stability and cornering.

It's interesting to see how the Luge carts had progressed over the past 30 years! However, the real fun had yet to begin. We rounded up quickly and embarked on our family adventure!

Up on Skyride

There are 2 entrance point to the Skyline Luge with the starting point near the Imbiah Lookout station. Since we were at the ending point of the luge near the beach station, we had to take a skyride up before we can luge down. To take the skyride, children need to have a minimum height of 85cm to ride with an adult or minimum height of 135cm to ride alone.

The Skyride look like a mini version of cable car line but with carlifts that look like an "old fashion swing seats". It doesn't not stop at the point of boarding or alighting. Thus, we had to stand by at designation spots and wait for the skyride to "scoop" us up. The staff would then pull down the safety bar. To get off the chairlift, we had to run off once the safety bar was lifted up. It was actually quite exciting to get up and down the chairlift.

Photo credit: Skyline Luge Sentosa/PictureAir

Oh yay! What a swift hop on and we took off within a couple of minutes!

Photo credit: mmlittlee

I totally forgot how awesome it was to be up there. It was less scary than we thought and Emma was surprisingly calm about getting up high in an open air ride. 

Photo credit: mmlittlee

As we got higher, we were greeted with a fantastic panoramic scenery of Singpore city skyline and beautiful coastline of Sentosa Island.

Did you spot the 2 black things hanging below our carlift? That's actually the luge carts being transported back to the starting point. The entire system of getting the riders and carts up and down is so efficient and enjoyable. It takes about 10 mins to bring us up and around 4 mins or less to luge down!

Photo credit: mmlittlee

On our first ride, we were a little anxious and just looked around. Emma was totally memorized. She just remained seated and watched the scenery went by. There were also cameras half way through the ride to capture some beautiful memories. Then, we got much more relaxed the 2nd time and sang our lungs out in the mid-air! Emma was swinging and doing all sorts of actions along with me.

We finally spotted the Luge carts! Don't they look like toy cars like from above?

Upon landing, we alighted ran off the skyride carlifts and headed straight to queue for the luge rides! 

Down with Luge rides

At the start of the queue for luge rides, there was a big basket of helmets in different sizes. We got Emma the smallest one (the green one) but it was still quite big for her little mushroom head so she kept on holding on to her helmet.  

We also took a couple shot to reminisce our first visit to Luge and those baby free days! How much have we changed over the 8 years?!

We're impressed that Emma managed to wear the helmet throughout the 2 rides. She usually dislikes hat or anything on her head but I think she thought this helmet was way too cool! Check out her funny stylo expression.

The boys of mmlittlee and bumbleebeemum were waiting patiently for their turns before one of us realised that we were entitled for express queue. In fact, you can skip the long queue if you have bought the express passes or gotten a hand stamp from the first ride. All of us were just too engrossed in fitting in the helmets and taking photos of our mushroom heads! 

At the starting point, there were several staff to help set our carts in position and train us how to operate the ride. It took less than a few minute for us to get the hang of it. However, not to worry, the guys did ensure that we know how to operate it before allowing us to leave the station. 

Emma is too young to ride on her own but trust me, she didn't miss out any fun. Her all-time trusty Daddy cum driver took her for a spin!

We are so glad that kids above 85cm and below 110cm are allowed to ride on the luge when accompanied by an adult while children who are 6 years or older and 110cm or taller can ride Luge alone.

 Emma was probably the youngest around on that day! She took the swift and turns with great stride and enjoyed the breeze down the trails. I think it was quite fast and exciting for her. What a brave and adventurous girl! 

Check out the daddy-daughter video.

As a non-driver, I found the cart very easy to operate. In fact, I rode much faster than Daddy! I love the "drifting" part but was so worried that I might crash. It's certainly much of an adrenaline rush for me! We could choose either the Jungle Trail (628 metres long) or Dragon Trail (688 metres long) and the three of us conquered both!

Photo credit: Skyline Luge Sentosa/PictureAir

Indeed, once is never enough! 

Photo credit: Skyline Luge Sentosa/PictureAir

We went for 2 rounds of skyrides and luge rides before Emma's battery ran low at around noon and we had to head home for her nap. However, there are other bloggers who went for more rides and some even stayed till the night.  Check out bumblebeemum and lifetinymiracles for a handy guide of Skyline Luge and the romantic night view with colourful lightnings! The last ride is at 9.20pm.

10-tastic Carnival 
To celebrate an amazing decade of growth and milesones, Skyline Luge organised a 10-tastic Carnival for all guests. The carnival will be held from 21 to 30 August 2015 between 2pm to 6pm on weekdays and 10.30am to 2.30pm on weekends at the Skyline Luge itself.

There are exciting activities such as games, caricature and balloon-sculpturing stalls, magic performances as well as popcorn and exclusive Luge 10th Anniversary sticker tattoo giveaway.

Photo credit: Skyline Luge Sentosa/PictureAir

Photo credit: Skyline Luge Sentosa/PictureAir

Photo credit: Skyline Luge Sentosa/PictureAir

Emma had a caricature of her wearing the helmet on a Luge ride! So cute!

Photo credit: Skyline Luge Sentosa/PictureAir

10-tastic Deals + Spot the Luge Helmet Contest

Don't miss out these specials deals from 21 Aug to 30 Aug:

 All day
50% off Luge rider license membership at $23 for individuals (Usual $50) and $60 for families of four (Usual $120)

 10am - 10.30am
Free photo with every purchase of 5 Luge and Skyride combo (Usual $53)

 12pm - 12.30pm
$10 off each "Ten-ride family Pass" (Usual $79)

 2 - 2.30pm
$10 for two Luge and Skyride combo upgrade+ (Usual $15)

In addition, they are offering a free Luge and Skyride combo and a special Luge pop-up birthday card on 26 Aug 2015 to anyone who shares the same birthday!

Look out for "Spot The Luge Helmet" contest when you are outside and you might walk away with attractive tickets for Skyline Luge and Skyrides. You just need spot and take photo with a person wearing the Luge helmet and post it on Facebook or Instagram with these hashtags:

#skylinelugesentosa #luge #skyride #onceisneverenough #luge10tastic #luge10bday

Ultimate Family Fun

Happy 10th birthday, Skyline Luge Sentosa! Thank you Skyline for having us and may you guys bring much more happiness and memories to people around!

This is such an awesome activity for the family. Many times, one of us (Hubby, Emma or me) got to take a backseat in order for the rest to have some fun. However, none of us needed to compromise for this activity and we all had fun at the same time. It's truly an experience not to be missed!

So, do check out Skyline Luge if you are looking for a fun family day out. Don't forget to bring water bottles, sun glasses and wear shoes (to avoid losing sandals/slippers up in the air). It's alright to lug a big bag up on the skyride and luge but there are lockers if you prefer to travel light!

For more details, check out their website and facebook.


Thank you for reading and I welcome you to link up on Facebook & Instagram! :D See you around!

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