Thursday, September 3, 2015

DIY Teachers' Day Cards

Happy Teachers' Day to all Teachers! 
And a big thank you for nurturing, inspiring and making a difference to many. 

Emma did many art craft pieces with her teachers and it's time for her to do something for them! 

I saw some pretty doilies papers at SKP and couldn't resist to buy some back! They are thin white circular sheets with floral-cut edges that make pretty decoration. After some googling and brainstorming, I decided to do a simple cut-and-paste card using the following materials. 

1. Coloured paper
2. Pen knife
3. Cutting mat
4. Doilies papers
5. Double sized tape
6. Print outs of wordings and photos

I told Emma that we were going to do some cards for the teachers and she was so excited about it. She happily sat on the highchair and waited for me to cut the materials. I didn't have time to pre cut them so I just cut as we worked on the cards.

     I set one doilies paper on the coloured paper and let her pasted all the wordings and photos. As I handed her the bits and pieces, I asked who she liked to do it for and taught her how to say "Happy Teachers' Day!". 

She completed her first piece and was so satisfied with it. She held it up high and called for Daddy to show him. She continued patiently with 5 more pieces by herself. Most of them (those in red) are not aligned but she did attempt to paste them straight. I assured her that it's ok as they still look nice. 

By the time she hit the 7th, she couldn't focus anymore and asked to play with the doilies papers. It took us about 50 mins for the first 6 pieces with lots of conversations and I finished up the other 6 pieces in another 20 mins. 

I love how the cards turned out to be and hope the teachers would like these cards handmade by us!

They were quite filmsy and might be destroyed by Emma even before the cards reach the teachers. Hence, I bought a laminating machine to laminate them. I had always wanted to get one but for some reasons I just kept procrastinating. 

Long story short, I hurried out to Popular after Emma go to bed(room) with Daddy, bumped into GBC distributor staff and purchased a GBC Fusion 1000L A3 Laminator! Oh yay, I'm now so motivated to do more laminated stuff for Emma and have so many ideas on my mind.

I love the black and sleek look of this machine. It weighs 1.64kg and I thought it's pretty light for such machine.

It's easy to use (in fact I skipped the manual) and warmed up in 5 mins. It took less than a minute to laminate a A4 size document. 

I was considering the A4 laminator but I eventually decided to get one that can laminates a A3 size so I won't need to be caught in "I should have..." situation. 

There isn't any switch so it's just "plug and play". The green light on the right indicates when ready.

It's certainly a useful tool to have if you plan to do art crafts or learning materials for your kids. I've used a few GBC laminators at office and they all worked very well. 

What's more? This set is currently on promotion till 27 Sept 2015. Pop club members can buy this at $65.90 (usual price is $82.40) and it comes with a free packet (100 pieces) of A4 laminating pouches worth $14+. I suppose you can find them at most big popular outlets. 

There are some other machines that cost more than $100. So, this seems to be a good buy and I just have to share! One mummy friend was so tempted to get one, even though she has one functioning A4 laminator, when I shared this good deal with her.

Go check out before the stock runs out as I seriously don't know how many pieces they have. 

Happy crafting! 

** In case anyone wonder, Teachers' Day used to be on the 1st September but it was changed to the first Friday of September few years ago and it falls on the 4th September this year.

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