Friday, September 4, 2015

King Koil Annual Warehouse Sale 2015!

Last night, we braved the heavy after-work traffic and visited a big King Koil warehouse sale at Sungei Kadut.(Yew Tee area).

After 1.5hours of shopping, we were all sweaty, tired and a little hungry but very happy.

Emma was surprisingly cheerful after the shopping! I believe she had fun shopping around.

She totally melt our hearts as she kept on hugging (more of squeezing) us tight.

This annual sale, from 4-7 September 2015, got to be the one of the most anticipated sale that many parents (mothers!) are looking forward to. The staff shared that it would be crowded and there are usually many loyal customers who will drop by DAILY over the sale period. I saw many items on attractive discounts and some of them are newly launched products. The sale staff are very friendly and chatted with many customers like they were friends. 

If not for Hubby, I would have bought alot more.

I'm sure you will be as excited as me if you are a mother or preparing for a new home! So, let me bring you on a virtual tour of the warehouse sale.

Beddings @ Ground Floor

Trust me, there are tons of pillows, bolsters and linens in different quality and prices! I'm sure there is one that suits everyone.

All the products are heavily discounted. I saw products selling as low as $5.

Among the sea of beddings, I found some interesting items.

Have you heard of waterproof mattress protectors? It's my first time! Like it or not, we all sweat and sometimes drool when we are sleeping. Apart from that, all parents know how kids could always have a way to wet the bed - they pee, vomit and spill. Thus, it's great to have a waterproof protector to keep our beddings dry. We bought 2 pillow cases to try out!  

There are also pillow and bolster sets for baby and kids! 

Baby Set is selling at $20 (usual $59). It such a good buy but Emma doesn't like to sleep on pillow. Thus, we skipped this.

Junior set selling at $30 and it includes some covers!

Next, I'm sharing my favourite!

The marvel series! There are fitted sheets set, cushions and mattresses.

They are so cute and I just got to buy 1. It's sad that the queen size doesn't fit our high mattress so I bought 1 for my brother instead! haha.

There are many designs and I chose this as it matches his room theme (oh wait, is there even a theme?)!

There are also roll and folded mattress - good for kids who love dislike the beds!

I spotted my bedsheet! I love this series and bought another set ($120 for a queen set with quilt cover). One can never have enough bedsheets right?

There are some new arrival as well. This new series is super duper soft. There are also other sets that are less than $100.

I was told that Charles Millen is a very popular brand and they are going at big discounts. Around 75% off for the items below!

Furniture and Mattresses @ Entrance & Level 5

There are some furniture at the entrance and mattresses at the lift lobby!

However, most of them are at Level 5.

I like the one at the back! 

The sofas are going on good discounts.

 Many mattresses around for you to choose. I don't remember the prices of good mattresses being so expensive 5 years ago. How to buy without sale?

Royal comfort collection - approved by Emma!

Additional discount if spend more than $1000.

0% credit cards instalments are also available.

Premium Beddings @ Level 5

Follow Emma if you are looking for some extreme comfort!

There is a showroom that sells the premium beddings. The Foss Flakes series that I'm using is currently on sale too! It's going for 2 for $99 now! The other beddings are going at around $150.

These few storage stools caught my attention. The prints are so nice and I now regretted not buying the 2nd one to match Emma's study table (argh!!). They cost $19 each.

We've finally ended our shopping and went to pay for our items.

"Come check out our loots! "

"Oops, it was sealed up."

"Let mummy show you ba!"

Hope you have enjoyed the tour. I can't imagine the crowd on the next few days. However, it's certainly worth a visit if you are looking for some linens or mattresses! 

Do remember to dress light as it's a not air-conditioned at the ground level. There are some water and snacks provided near the cashier if you need to recharge.


Date: 4 - 7 September 2015
Time: 9am to 9pm
Location: 13 Sungei Kadut Way, Matsushita House, Singapore 728792

* There is free shuttle services at Yew Tee MRT from 9am to 8.30pm. For those driving you can park at lots outside the building.  

Happy shopping!


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