Friday, September 11, 2015

Review: Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Day Screen Multi-Protection SPF50/PA++++

Who doesn't love youthful, glowing and flawless skin? Unfortunately, motherhood and good skin doesn't really come hand in hand naturally.

For many reasons like busy routine, tiredness and pure laziness, my beauty regime has taken a big step back after I become a mother. For the first year of motherhood, I only went for a couple of facial and didn't use much beauty products apart from cleanser and makeup remover. As things started to settle down, I go for facial treatment once every 2 months but my expired beauty products are still shelved.

So, I'm really excited and motivated to take care of my skin when Clarins gifted me some of their popular products to try out!

Bare face with just Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Day Screen

Over the past years, I have been nagged by my beautician and mother-in-law countless times to use a sunscreen on a daily basis. If one got to choose just one skincare product aside from cleansesr, it got to be sunscreen. Fighting the UV rays protects the skin from aging, darkening, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and aging. I listened, understood and bought a few bottles but none of them works for me. They are just too oily for me! This is one of the reason why I use minimal beauty products.

Ok, enough of my nearly non-existent beauty story, it's time to share why I'm in love with Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Day Screen Multi-Protection!

1. Oil-free and water-based

It's oil-free and doesn't cause my skin to be sticky. In the past, I always need to put on face powder to "blot" away the oily feeling but I didn't have to with this. It's good for me to wear it by itself.

2. Ultra fine and light

 I dotted a few drops over my face and spread it around. It's easily absorbed into the skin and feel really light on the skin - almost like nothing!

3. Complete protection: SPF50/PA++++

The sunlight that reaches us is made up of two types of harmful rays: long wave ultraviolet A (UVA) and short wave ultraviolet B (UVB). UVA rays can age us and UVB rays can burn us. Thus, overexposure to either rays can damage the skin. 

With SPF50 and PA++++, it provides complete protection against UVB and UVA rays respectively.

4. Leaves skin smooth and evenly toned

It doesn't just protect the skin, it beautifies too! The one that I'm using is translucent so I was surprised when it smoothened and evened out my skin tone. It acts like a very light foundation and a quick fix when I'm in hurry. Can you see the difference between the left and right skin of my hand? I spread the day screen on the right and it is slightly lighter in tone. 

5. Multi-Protection and Anti-Pollution

Living in the city exposes our skin to many pollutants and free radicals. This special formulation forms an invisible yet effective film that is resistant to urban life and environmental aggression: heat, air humidity and perspiration.

6. Rich in plant extracts

Clarins believes in harvesting the wonders of plants in its beauty products. For this UV plus, it uses powerful antioxidant extracts of organic Alpine sanicle and cantaloupe melon. These plants extracts help to protect the skin and prevent premature aging. It's always good to have more natural ingredients right?

Photo credit: Clarins

7. Lightly scent

It has a very mild flowery scent that is very soothing and uplifting.

8. Available in tinted version

It comes with blue and pink version too. The blue one enhances the skin fairness and diminishes the perception of the yellowish skin tone. It is suitable for yellowish skin. The pink one gives the skin a pink glow and brighten dull skin. I'm going for the pink one the next round!

Photo credit: Clarins

You might not have noticed but I'm one, if not two shades, darker after our Bintan trip. I'm not exactly afraid of being tanned but I'm certainly fearful of aging and pigmentation. 

I have neglected the importance of protecting my skin too long. Thank you Clarins for the timely reminder. It definitely time to be more diligent in my beauty regime and not take my skin for granted. 

Check out Clarins (Website | Facebook | Instagram) if you are like me or looking for a better skin protection. Better late than never!


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  1. I completely hear you wrt to not having time for beauty regime!! I don't rmbr stepping in for facials ever since my wedding and now that I'm a mother of two, even DIYs are tough. But lately I've been more hardworking and am LOVING Mary Kay's products! In particular their Microdermabrasion set! Exfoliation is so so important. And this baby is the answer to getting rid of 20 layers of dead cells!! Nothing will be pumped in well if your skin isn't well exfoliated! wanna know more? *wink

    1. Super tempting! I saw many ppl using Mary Kay's too! Pm you soon!