Friday, October 30, 2015

HIYA PURE Hello Kitty Baby Skin Care Review + Giveaway

Bath time has always been our great bonding time where we splash, tickle, sing, laugh, dance, play bubbles and chit chat.

I still remembered the first time when I bath Emma in a bathtub when she was about 4 weeks old. It was under the supervision of my confinement lady and I was so worried to hurt her delicate body. I even had all the steps recorded down in my phone.

Fast forward to 2+ years later, she now soap herself and stand under the running shower while I help her to wash away the foam. She's usually chirpy but sometimes broke down as she didn't want to stop bathing. Yes, that's how much she enjoys bathing.

After much trial and error, I figured out that I need to prep her so that she won't protest. After saying "Ok, it's time to stop", I'll give her 5 gentle counts for her to finish up her stuff. So far, it is working well to reduce her tantrum, especially to end the activities that she enjoys.

When I received the HIYA PURE hello kitty baby skin care range, I know Emma's bath time is going to be more exciting than ever! Apart from having the cute hello kitty prints that Emma loves and cares about, these products have lots for me to rave about:

Trusted brand in Japan

HIYA Pure Hello Kitty Skin Care range is manufactured by HIYA Pharmaceutical, well-established brand trusted by many families in Japan. Since 1622, HIYA Pharmaceutical has been producing quality and safe healthcare products for babies. To be honest, it was my first time hearing about HIYA but it must be really good to strive for 393 years!

Moisturising and Protects Baby Skin

HIYA Pure Baby Skin Care range is an unique and effective baby care range developed and made in Japan to protect and moisturize babies' tender skin, soothes discomfort caused by dryness and itchiness, while strengthening babies' skin defense against external irritants.

Uses safe and effective ingredients

HIYA Pure's uniqueness lies in its 3 natural and highly moisturising ingredients - natural peach leaf extract, natural glycerin and hyaluronic acid. They are obtained from natural sources and are especially gentle to babies' soft, tender and sensitive skin, where even newborns can use them.

1. Natural Peach leaf extract helps to replenish the natural moisture in babies skin, resulting in softer, smoother and healthier skin. Antimicrobials in peach leaf extract also help to reduce bacteria growth, and strengthen babies skin's defense that prevent them from developing dry, itchy skin conditions in their later life.

2. Natural glycerin helps to seal and lock in moisture to keep babies' skin hydrated, prevents dryness, cracking and itchy skin.

3. Hyaluronic acid has a unique capability to retain over 1,000 times its weight in water. It aids to provide essential moisture in babies' skin. I was skeptical when I saw the word "acid" but later found out that hyaluronic acid is very mild and is something that our body produces (in diminishing amount over the years).

Cute Hello Kitty Packaging and Sweet Fruity Smell

Emma and I can't resist cute and pretty stuff. It cheers and brightens our day. Besides, I love the fruity smell and it makes Emma even sweeter! After 2 weeks, she still squeals in delight every day she uses them.


There are 4 key products in HIYA PURE Baby Skin Care range:

1. Bubble Soap for Body & Hair  ($23.90 for bottle and $19.90 for refill)

It provides a gentle and clean wash for babies' body and hair.

Emma was and is still fascinated with the foam. She can easily soap herself without any problem now. It comes with a refill pack so we can save a few bucks!

2. Body Milk Lotion ($20.90)

This is my favourite! I didn't believe that it could moisturise babies' skin almost immediately until I try it on her. It also helps to protect the sensitive skin against external irritants by strengthening the skin's defense. In addition, it also rebuild and repair skin.

Not all babies have flawless skin and Emma happens to be one of them. She gets rashes frequently and breaks out from bites of various kind. Thus, doctor has advised to apply moisturiser on her as she might develop eczema when she grows older. Unlike the previous 2 brands, this lotion absorbs easily into the skin and doesn't feel sticky at all.

After a few rubs by Emma, the lotion got absorbed into the skin and leaves the skin silky. 

3. Facial Cream ($21.90)

It protects babies' tender skin from dryness, itchiness and redness. Emma had short episode of redness on her face when she was baby and took a while to recover. I wish I had known this product back then. 

Her face is fine now so I just dotted 2 small drops to keep it slightly moisturised.

These days, she is always asking for 2 dots on her face. I'm still training her how to soothe the cream on her chubby cheek. I think she is too used to having me squeeze her face.

4. Barrier Cream ($21.90)

It is made to protect babies' skin against nappy rash. Peach leaf and cherry leaf extracts are natural ingredient used in Japanese traditional prescription to tackle skin rashes. It contains Vitamin A and E, rich olive oil, jojoba seed oil and avocado oil. I was told that some ladies use this as their hand cream since they are so moisturising.

I'm very satisfied with these products and will continue to use them. Emma loves to apply the products on her body herself. Emma's skin has been pretty calm these few weeks and I hope these products can help to improve and strengthen her skin.


Don't miss the upcoming promotion! From 30 Oct to 19 Nov, there will be a 20% discount with FREE Limited A2 Hello Kitty poster for HIYA PURE products (includes single product purchase) at 47 Unity Pharmacy stores island-wide. I would highly recommend the body milk lotion for a start if your little ones have dry skin like Emma.

Where can you get them?

1. Selected Unity Pharmacies island wide (47 stores island wide)

2. SEC Lifestyle Head Office/Online Store

HIYA PURE Hello Kitty Baby Skin Care Giveaway!

SEC Lifestyle knows how great the HIYA PURE Hello Kitty Baby Care products are and would like to give away a set (worth $108.50) to 1 lucky winner! Just click below to participate in the giveaway! The app is not as difficult as it seems. 

Happy bath time!


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  1. I like that the products protect babies' tender skin from dryness, itchiness and redness. Easily absorbed, non sticky and making skin soft and silky.

  2. Love the smell & moisturizing :)

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  4. I like that the range is gentle on little one's skin.

  5. I like the fact that natural ingredients were used and that this is gentle on babies skin. Coupled with the moisturising effect as my child skin is a little dry!

  6. This momma is all about natural when it comes to products for my 2 babies due to their cradle cap issues... so HIYA is good... plus , Japanese makes good quality products!!! Best of all my kids would love to take their baths with these cute hello kitty packaging...

  7. Looks like good quality products will ultra cute packaging !

  8. My two girls has very sensitive skin , always has ' red spots ' appeared on any parts of their body . I mega like this HIYA products which caters to sensitive & dry skin ! As one of the ingredients used is Natural Peach Leave extract , totally natural ! It helps to keep their skin moisturized & tender the whole day .

    Hope I'll be the lucky one to try this set out !! 🍀 #wearehellokittyfanatic

  9. My two girls has very sensitive skin , always has ' red spots ' appeared on any parts of their body . I mega like this HIYA products which caters to sensitive & dry skin ! As one of the ingredients used is Natural Peach Leave extract , totally natural ! It helps to keep their skin moisturized & tender the whole day .

    Hope I'll be the lucky one to try this set out !! 🍀 #wearehellokittyfanatic

  10. I love the smell and the fact that it is moisturizing.

  11. Great for my boy with sensitive skin and that it moisturize too.

  12. Great for my boy with sensitive skin and that it moisturize too.

  13. the packaging is sweet and kawaii. makes bathtime an anticipated time!

  14. I like this brand that it has been around for more than three centuries and the products are made in Japan. It sounds reliable and something I can try on my kids who have dry skin.

    Facebook name: Carol Mei Mei Lim

  15. I like it because is great for sensitive skins which all of my children n me have.

  16. I like this product because baby's skin are dedicated and we need to make sure no chemical harm our children. They are precious and with take good care of their skin, there will be less problem on their skin. My girl has sensitive skin, I hope to win this for her. thanks.

    Zhen Hui Koh (

  17. I like Hiya products' natural ingredients that suits baby's delicate skin. We are sure that there are no adverse effects on using them. Plus they came with these cute Hello Kitty set!

  18. I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

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