Sunday, November 8, 2015

Pororo Park Singapore @ Marina Square

Media Invite 

 We had such an awesome time at the Pororo Park media preview yesterday! 

With 7 Pororo Parks in South Korea and 3 in China, Pororo Park Singapore is the first in Southeast Asia, and the largest character-themed indoor playground in Singapore. It covers 11,000 square feet and offers attractions that are designed to entertain, exercise and educate children while reinforcing good social skills in a group play environment. It's suitable for 1-9 years old.

Daddy was not feeling well so I took up his challenge to bring Emma out to play alone. It wasn't that bad and totally worth my effort but I think I had gained much muscle/aches playing, carrying her and lugging the bag yesterday. 

Emma shouted out "Pororo" when she saw the cute penguin at the entrance. In fact, she had been "pororo-ing" throughout the entire cab journey. She knew it from youtube videos and was so excited to finally meet it.

1. Loopy's Cafe

There is a 60-seater cafe that offers a varied menu for both adults and kids right at the entrance. It's great to know that there is free wi-fi at the cafe. Outside food and drinks are not allowed except for babies below 1 year old.  

2. Pororo Express

Pororo Express is certainly an iconic center piece of the park.

We haven't been to many indoor playgrounds but I think this must be the rare one with a running train ride for kids.

The train runs once around and through the ice cave. Emma took it twice! 

Emma had her first independent ride! She hopped on the train by herself without any hesitation when I told her that I can't accompany her. #proudmummy

The kids are safely belt and well taken care of by the staff.

As the train goes round, I felt a little emotional to see her growing up to be an independent girl.

3. Shark Ball Pool

We've never seen such a big ball pool (I wonder how are they going to maintain this?)! It's all time favourite and many kids just jumped into it. The entire ball pool, including the base, is fully padded. The kids get to throw balls into the shark mouth and out from its tummy.

For Emma, she took quite a while to finally dive in. 

Shortly after she got it, she got more confident and decided to "swim" around. Hah.

4. Poby's Jungle Gym

This brightly coloured and fun play system is our favourite!

I didn't want Emma to miss out the fun so I risked my back and went in with her.

Together, we climbed up the structure and played the slides. From what I observed, it's quite safe inside. It's well padded even for the bars. However, it can get quite rowdy with many active kids in there. 

So, I just stood aside and watched (photographed) her playing. There were some falls on the slopes but she was totally unhurt. 

Every falls make her stronger and she eventually conquered the slopes all by herself. Yay!

She was so happy after all the play! Thanks Poby for sharing the gym with us!

5. Pororo House

If you have watched the series, this house wouldn't be unfamiliar to you. 

It's a replica of Pororo's house! You can find bed, sofa, mini fridge and toilet in there.  

6. Crong's Backyard

Right behind Pororo's house, there is a play area filled with some play sets. 

The kitchen set is Emma's other favourite. 

She made some tea for me!

7. TongTong's Little Theatre

This theatre is something different from other indoor playgrounds.

Both the young and young at heart can look forward to mini parades, character meet-and-greets, and sing-along shows featuring Pororo and friends at TongTong's Little Theatre everyday. Additional shows will be scheduled on weekends. Each session is about 15 mins.

It's fun and entertaining! Even the adults enjoy it!

Emma was so engrossed throughout the entire show.

Here's the schedule for your reference! The daily schedule might be subjected to changes.

8. Eddy & Petty's Rooms

Aside from holding character themed birthday parties, educational classes such as Petty's Art Class and Eddy's Science Class will also be held regularly to provide a holistic edutainment environment that takes fun and creative learning to a whole new level. 

Story telling classes conducted by instructors from MindChamps will also be held every Sunday from November 2015 to January 2016.

9. Rody's Toy Store

Last but not least, there is a retail store that house a variety of items ranging from toys, stationery to kids apparels and other souvenir items. 

The activity book & 3D construct & play model scene set that we received is really fun!

Emma stayed past her bedtime to play with it and hit straight to the model once she got off the bed this morning.

10. Facilities

Like the usual indoor playgrounds, there are shelf spaces available for shoes and a designated area for parking strollers. Please remember to bring socks! There will be children restrooms and nursing room (not ready for us when we were there). 

Come join Pororo the Little Penguin and his beloved friends: Crong the Dinosaur, Eddy the Fox, Petty the Penguin, Loopy the Beaver and Poby the Polar Bear in a delightful exploration journey through the snowy village of Porong Porong Forest.


Location: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #02-29 Singapore 039594 (Marina Square’s new retail wing)

Opening Hours: Sun – Thu: 10.30am to 8.00pm Fri & Sat: 10.30am to 9.00pm

My Verdict

Is it worthwhile to spend at least $45.50 ($33.50 + $6 + $6) for a 2 hour play, family of 3 without membership? Here's my 2 cents:

It's definitely more expensive than other indoor playgrounds but I think the performance, meet-and-greets, classes and train rides can justify the price. Everything is new so that's the plus point. The ball pool and play system are fun and safe but kids being kids might not know the difference from other indoor playgrounds. 

There are staff at every station to watch over the kids. I witnessed many occasions where the staff help the kids and they are all very friendly and love kids. Many of them even played with Emma.

It is undoubtedly an eye opener for Pororo's fan so I would think it's worth to go at least once and on weekdays so you can't skip the crowd and queue (for the train)! With the partners discount, it will be $35.50 ($28.50 + $3.50 + $3.50) for family of 3 without membership. The discounts are quite good! What's your view?

Do check out their website for more details.

Happy Pororo-ing! 

New play areas: Pororo Park Singapore @ Marina Square Part 2


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  1. Meet and greets and performances are not through the day right? It's not like the ticket price will entitle us to meet life size Pororo leh

    1. It's not throughout the day but there will be 2 sessions on weekday and at least 1 session on weekends if there are party. If not, there will be more sessions. Makes it more worthwhile to visit right?

  2. That's a very enchanting park! My first daughter loves Pororo so I'm sure she'll enjoy on that place. Thank you for sharing hot momma! :)

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