Monday, November 23, 2015

Mrs Singapore World 2015 Finalists @ Dignity Kitchen

Together with all the Mrs Singapore World 2015 Finalists and Queens, we had a meaningful day at Dignity Kitchen to raise some funds last Saturday.

Dignity Kitchen is Singapore's first hawker kitchen school for disabled and disadvantaged people. With the training and on-the-job training, it aims to provide better futures, better lives and better opportunities for these people. Dignity Kitchen also operates a fully functional, regular food court that is opened to public. You can read more about them at

We got into groups and "took over" the hawker stalls! Here's Roger, me, Xie Fei, Vivian and Abdullah at the rojak and chicken rice stall.

Roger and Abdullah taught us how to prepare the rojak and chicken rice. By the end of the afternoon, I could do up a plate of rojak (that probably doesn't meet Roger's standard). 

Roger's Rojak

I worked closely with Roger and sold many plates of his rojak. However, my main takeaway isn't the improved culinary skills or charity proceeds. I learnt real life lessons that have touched my heart deeply. 

 Roger, 46, suffered a sudden stroke in 2010 that left his right body paralysed and affected his speech. He was once a successful financial advisor and property agent who brings home thousands of dollars a month as a sole breadwinner. Now, he depends on his elderly father to upkeep the family's living as a school bus driver. Roger is getting back on his feet and returns to work. He hopes to support his family and himself by making Rojak. 

You can catch his story on Channel 8 Joy Truck 3 on 25 Nov, 8pm or simply drop by for a plate of rojak!

Despite all, he is certainly much stronger than many of us. He could prepare a plate of rojak single-handed (literally) and having me around was more of a hindrance than help. He cut pineapple, cucumber, turnip and you tiao nicely. Even though he couldn't talk, I could sense his seriousness in work. He is very meticulous and has high expectation over the work that he does. His will to pick up himself after stroke is admirable.

It's great working with Roger and Abdullah. Other finalists had their hands on other food! 

There are stalls selling dim sum, drinks, nasi padang, economic rice, muffins and noodles. Do drop by to have a meal over there when you are around Serangoon or Nex.

Thank you ERM Marketing and Dignity Kitchen for this meaningful experience. We'd so much fun being a day as Hawker and, most importantly, witnessed many encouraging moment. It warmed my heart to see many with disabilities, who are stronger than us in their hearts. It's hard to imagine the hardships and difficulties that they faced. I'm encouraged to be more thankful and courageous with all that I am blessed with. 

Finally, thank you all family and friends who dropped by to support the good cause and me. For those who donated, thank you for your kindness and love!

I couldn't thank you all enough for being with me!

Dignity Kitchen Address:
Blk 267 Serangoon Ave 3 #02-02, Singapore 550267

By the way, Mrs Singapore World 2015 pageant is taking place on 18 Dec 2015, 7pm at Resort World Sentosa. If any of you is interested in getting a ticket to the pageant to join the fun, raise some funds for Dignity Kitchen or support me, please drop me an email at Thank you!


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