Monday, November 30, 2015

Emma: 2 years + 3 months old

Last Saturday, we attended our first teachers-parents meeting. We are thankful that Emma is developing well, learning fast and enjoying the company of her teachers and friends. She is promoting from infant care PG1 to childcare PG2 with the same group of friends next year!

Emma is a really sweet girl who is generous with her hugs and kisses especially to Daddy and me. She loves to smack kisses loudly. On one evening after our nightly prayer, she surprised us by pushing Daddy's and my heads towards each other and said Pa Pa Ma Ma kiss when we family-hugged. She was a step ahead of us and great at expressing her love!

Apart from where, who and what, she is also learning to ask why. She is pretty good at expressing her thoughts like "I want this xxx, I like this xxx" and started to use "because". She also learnt how to count to 20 in English and talking in longer sentences. Lots of talking and questioning a going on and she is certainly learning faster than we had expected.

She loves singing and she knows quite a number of songs. There are also some other unfamiliar songs that she learn in school. The school teachers often modify lyrics of song in their teaching and Emma picked them up fast. After her hello kitty song, there is also 妈妈去散步 adapted from a story book. She knew many children Christian song but hardly sing them when she is at church until recently. She finally had some courage to sing and do the actions along with her Sunday school teachers and friends. 

I take it as being creative (instead of imagining things) when she suddenly pointed out and shouted "got crocodile" then asked us to save her. She would sometimes burst into tears or run to us due to fear when we replied "it's coming, it's coming". We should perhaps enroll her in some speech and drama class when she is older.

She is more independent and often resists our help our assistance. She brushed teeth, apply cream and take off her pants/diapers herself. She also helped to go around the class to collect offering at the children worship sessions and arranged the tables/chairs for the class.

The haze went away and Emma has been physically strong! I brought Emma on a Mummy and daughter's date to Pororo Park, she had so much fun! We also met Disney Live! crew at Square 2

Finally, we had a Staycation at Rasa Sentosa to celebrate Daddy's birthday. It's such an awesome and family friendly place!

We had another date afternoon and went to G2000 anniversary event. MIL helped to take care of Emma while we were out for some fashion show and shopping. 

The past month was filled with activities for Mrs Singapore World pageant. The journey has been fun, enriching and eye opening but certainly tiring. I like to thank Hubby for taking care of Emma when I had to be out. It's surely a great opportunity for them to have even better Daddy and daughter bonding. 

MIL also helped us to take care of Emma when I had to attend a sponsor event and Hubby was out for business trip. It was the first time she took over the night routine and she succeeded. Emma even woke up asking where is Ah ma? Thank you, Ma. It's great to have supportive family! 

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  1. Cute kid. She looks very active and playful. My first daughter is going to school next year and I'm sure it will be fun because she told me she wanted schooling and is very excited. Thank you for sharing this inspiring post of your kid. :)

    1. :) Thanks for popping by! Hope your first daughter can adapt fast and I'm sure it will be a great learning journey for her! :D