Saturday, November 14, 2015

My journey as Mrs Singapore World 2015/2016 Pageant Finalist

Happy news! I'm honored to be shortlisted as one of the finalists for Mrs Singapore World 2015/2016 Pageant!

Mrs Singapore World pageant is a dedicated platform for married women to showcase their beauty and be a voice within the community. This round, it brings together 18 married women from all walks of life and I'm excited to be one of them.

Joining this pageant is certainly a challenge and an eye opener for me. Even though it isn't the first time I stand up in front of a crowd, it's has definitely been a very very long while. My heart beats like mad each time I have to speak up. I have my fear, doubts and limitations but this time, I'm going to step out of my small comfort zone and stretch my limits. I pray for strength, courage and wisdom to walk through all.

I'm thankful that Hubby is very supportive and willingly stepped up to take care of Emma when I need to be out. With this opportunity, I look forward to gain more confidence, experience and grow to be a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister which Hubby, Emma and family would be more proud of. I pray that I could be a testimony and spread God's love to people around. 

To be honest, I wasn't clear what I was signing up for until the pageant briefing about a month ago. It's isn't just the grand final that we're working for, there is a series of happening events all lined up for us and I have also made many new friends. Over the past few weeks, I went for outfit and shoes fitting, makeover photoshoots, preparatory course and press conference. There will be a couple of sponsors visitations, talent contest, community event and rehearsals leading to the grand finals on 18 Dec.

So, check back and join me on my pageantry journey! Meantime, here's one stolen shot by my hairstylist, Vanessa from Vintage Studio, at one of the photoshoots. I can't wait to see the official photos.

Our organiser, ERM Marketing, was kind enough to understand that we, married women, don't have fabulous body like before. So, we were dressed up in body shapers instead of bikinis like other pageants. The body shaper from HBI Intl definitely brings out all the curves! But I really need to muster all my courage to walk down the stage in this on the grand finals and I glad to have many other "mrs" with me.  

Lastly, many thanks to the generous sponsors and the fellow pageant friends for making the pageantry journey a special one.

Wardrobe/Body Shaper: HBI International Group Ptd
Shoes: Riccino
Photography: The Makeover Inc
Venue: Balaclava
Organizer: ERM Marketing


More soon! See ya! 

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  1. Wooooo! You're definitely one hot mama! Looking really good in this style too! All the best and enjoy your journey! :)